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Any experience with the LACIE hd's? Thank you.

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Not the fastest things in the world, but they have been pretty reliable, we've used the big quadra with success, though don't use raid 0 on them as they will fail if you power off and on after a couple times. We've had that happen, but raid 5 is very stable. Even have some backup data sitting on a couple that we check once in a while and verify it's still good.


So all in all I can't say anything really negative about the drives.

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I have two Lacie Quadra 2TB I use for my music library and primary backup. I'm thinking of going to a pair of 4TB and I would buy these Lacie again. The performance has been fine and I love the build quality and look.

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Any experience with the LACIE hd's? Thank you.


I used Lacie Rikiki drives for a time, two are still around. One of them used to host my music library until it became too small. I bought them mainly for design and because I thought that preconfigured drives were less expensive. Build quality is good, speed is OK, but could be faster. I'm using them for backups, or as large USB sticks.




I am now back to assembling external drives myself, because you have more control over the hardware.

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