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  1. streaming via Audirvana.... thanks for your input.
  2. Why doesn't TIDAL stream the tracks in order? Same question with regards to QOBUZ?? Thanks. On a Mac, HiFi streaming only...
  3. Which music player sounds best with an Ipad. I have HQ Player, Adirvana and Amara on my Mac so this is where I am coming from. This for wireless streaming of Tidal & Qobuz, etc. Thanks.
  4. Please continue to post albums of any genre that you enjoy, thank you always...
  5. freesteve

    HQ Player

    Thanks for a quick response Miska
  6. freesteve

    HQ Player

    Miska, Is there an audible difference with HQ Player & HQPlayer Pro ?
  7. freesteve

    HQ Player

    Still the very best for my Mac... Thanks Jussi for all that you do !
  8. So much talent this young lady has... but her recordings are just "narrow and tinty," , whether streaming on Qobuz or Tidal. Please re-record your great talent. IMHO. Comments are appreciated. Thank you.
  9. freesteve

    HQ Player

    I will never criticize anyone for using Windows. I use a Mac and music just sounds great IMHO. Never an issue with HQ player so far.
  10. What an incredible talent LG was, "Little Feat," yah !
  11. Please list your favorite jazz artists that you have found on Qobuz. I signed up stateside to hear jazz that is not necessarily well promoted in the US so suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Amarra keeps asking me to update everytime I install the latest version which includes the fix for Qobuz... what a P in the A. Any discussion on this ?
  13. freesteve

    HQ Player

    I know you hav a PC but Mac is absolutely incredible with any music software I have ever used.....
  14. freesteve

    HQ Player

    On my Mac I record with Audio Hijack... sounds great ...
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