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  1. Thanks... I have this... I also have available: player pro, n7, poweramp, however usb sounds the best... thanks again...
  2. My source of car music is from my phone using a Audioquest DragonFly Red. Currently my player is USB PlayerPro. Overall the sound is quite rich in detail, etc. Is there a better software player? (I just wish HQ was available for my phone.)
  3. freesteve

    HQ Player

    Any plans forthcoming to be able to play dsf-wv? Your software is so darn good with lossless. Thanks....
  4. I have noticed that dsd or dsf playback is cracking.   Hopefully you will fix this as I do enjoy Audirvana .  Thank you.

  5. I resolved this, but "thanks" for your input.
  6. I have ATC SCM 25A... Love em. Rich in detail, imaging, etc. etc. I would buy another pair in a split second.
  7. Looking .for recommendations on passive book shelf speakers; must be black. I have Bowers and Wilkins, and they sound too muddled with my Outlaw receiver so pleas e recommend book shelfs that will produce more "details," thanks...
  8. Thanks for the review. I am enjoying my cobalt with my Android car in my Lexus. Best.
  9. I am impressed with the sound so far. I may drop Tidal though Qbuz will remain as they have the flair for European jazz.
  10. For a Mac, how do I stream using AMAZON MUSIC via HQ Player or Audirvana. I need, "step by step,, " thank you.
  11. Thanks for always upgrading the app.

  12. freesteve

    HQ Player

    What is your best sounding set up for Mac? I only play lossless, mostly flac. My DAC is a SAC2 HGC using ATC SCM 25A Pros and Purist cable. Thank you.
  13. freesteve

    HQ Player

    Miska.. Thanks for always upgrading the software.
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