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  1. I have noticed that dsd or dsf playback is cracking.   Hopefully you will fix this as I do enjoy Audirvana .  Thank you.

  2. I resolved this, but "thanks" for your input.
  3. I have ATC SCM 25A... Love em. Rich in detail, imaging, etc. etc. I would buy another pair in a split second.
  4. Looking .for recommendations on passive book shelf speakers; must be black. I have Bowers and Wilkins, and they sound too muddled with my Outlaw receiver so pleas e recommend book shelfs that will produce more "details," thanks...
  5. Thanks for the review. I am enjoying my cobalt with my Android car in my Lexus. Best.
  6. I am impressed with the sound so far. I may drop Tidal though Qbuz will remain as they have the flair for European jazz.
  7. For a Mac, how do I stream using AMAZON MUSIC via HQ Player or Audirvana. I need, "step by step,, " thank you.
  8. Thanks for always upgrading the app.

  9. freesteve

    HQ Player

    What is your best sounding set up for Mac? I only play lossless, mostly flac. My DAC is a SAC2 HGC using ATC SCM 25A Pros and Purist cable. Thank you.
  10. freesteve

    HQ Player

    Miska.. Thanks for always upgrading the software.
  11. freesteve

    HQ Player

    which MinringFIR, the re are two? Thanks.
  12. freesteve

    HQ Player

    thanks for suggesting all the different opinions on filters....
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