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I would like to print a list of all the albums that are loaded on my Mac (using itunes). How can I do that? My goal is to save the list to a PDF.




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Maybe I'm not understanding the question, but doesn't itunes' print command have this as one of its options?


If it does what you want, you can then save to pdf direct from the print dialog, or via preview.


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As souptin said, just goto File and Print in iTunes.


There are a few options as to layout - with coverart or a staight forward list. It even does nice things like where multiple albums by same artist, it only lists the artist name once IIRC.


You can either select the "Music" library or select a playlist and it'll list the albums in there. You have to watch that the listing is sorted correctly as it prints in this order - I fine sorting album colomn so the headin is Album by Artist or Album by Year most useful. Using the print function plus smart playlists could do separate sheet(a) for the As, Bs, etc. or separate for different genres, etc.


With MacOS you can then click "Save to PDF" if you want PDF documents rather than physical printouts. With windows PDFs take extra software to create.


Hope this helps.





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Was your questioned answered?


If not, google for iTunes xhtml playlist. It's got a few more options.


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