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  1. I see an old man when I look in the mirror every morning. Does that count?
  2. Liquid bass... music flows effortlessly... and there's a faint smell of fish
  3. For me it has to be Holy water first, followed by burning. The extra steam just adds to the drama. In my early witch burning career I enjoyed listening to the screams but these days I prefer simple headphone & mobile combination, though I don't worry too much about full isolation from external noises - you have to show some respect, don't you? If I was doing a full Wickerman style burning, I'd lay on a stage, PA, and a couple of live bands. Maybe a stand-up to entertain the crowd as they gather, and put a smile on the faces of the victims. Nothing more off-putting than a surly witch tied to the stake.
  4. Do the PonoPlayers still smell of Toblerone once they've glued the iPod on? Or, more to the point, do they still have some chocolate inside? If the answer to either of those is 'yes' then I'm sold!
  5. +1 on using AIFF as an alternative to WAV on macses. In theory, it gives the same sound quality and more mac programs support embedded metadata (including artwork). I agree that it's an infuriating problem: A bit of experimentation shows that you can embed some metadata, including artwork, into the 'info' part of a wav file (I've used a program called Metadatics to do this) but iTunes refuses to read it (otoh Audirvana, VLC can). You can manually add information (but not artwork as far as I can see) within iTunes, but this information seems to be stored in the iTunes database instead of within the music file, which is a problem if you want to have a central library of music accessible from both Windows and Mac computers. I have seen a (complicated) workaround suggested that involves making an AAC copy of the WAV file in iTunes and adding artwork to that - kumakuma's link has more details. I have never tried it though, and frankly it looks like a right pain. Random unsorted thoughts: 1 - I'm not convinced that the text encoding (UTF-8 etc) is at the heart of the problem - certainly I don't see how that would affect artwork. Haven't done much experimentation though. 2 - However I'm 50% convinced that Apple bloodymindedness is somewhere at the heart of the problem. I don't know if Windows systems are as intolerant of AIFF as Apple is of WAV (anyone know?). Also although in theory WAV and AIFF should give identical sound quality, if I personally preferred one over the other (I don't, but some folk do) then I'd like to be able to choose the one I liked without sacrificing my artwork.
  6. 53/47 on the brain thingy The other one said I was an "Idealist Counsellor", based on my random and self contradictory replies to their crappy questions. I made a half hearted attempt to read some of their descriptions, but had to stop at this one: "Idealist men find it relatively easy to express tender feelings, sympathize with others, and have female friends. Some even enjoy shopping." Enjoy shopping? Bah!
  7. Hey Mr Bunny / Cheez / Patrick - Well done on your vegetarian diet, I hope it works out for you. But go easy on the lettuce - the lactucarium content can be quite powerful and something tells me you're already taking a bit too much. Some of my rabbit friends are very fond of eating toasties - toasted bread with various fillings, cheese, ham, tomatoes, etc. You might want to try that, but be very careful that you only eat one type of toasty at a time - One of my friends became very ill on the toasty diet and when I asked him what caused his illness he replied that it was due to "Mixing my toasties". *drumroll*
  8. If the blog feature has the modding control you want, why not just use the blog? Am I missing some important point?
  9. When you put in a scratched copy of the 300 does it spit it back out or... Oh, never mind.
  10. You have a gay Blu-Ray player? Please tell us more... When did you first suspect?
  11. souptin

    New vs. old

    1. Call me old fashioned, but for "an attempt into the ultimate one-on-one between analog and digital" I would hope for a little more than a one off demo. 2. Call me old fashioned (etc), but wasn't Mr Weiss (no relation, in fact the other Mr Weiss comes in for a bit of stick later in the blog) a tad reticent about the dac used, not to mention the rest of the computer playback side of the chain. Particularly compared with the loving detail with which he describes the TT. Oh wait, his company sells TTs amps and speakers, no dacses allowed as far as I can see. 3. Nice warm vinyl sound with euphonic harmonics, anyone?... Sorry no that's not allowed because Mr Weiss doesn't believe in them: "unless you believe (I don’t) that the physical process of cutting the grooves adds pleasing overtones or harmonics" Maybe OMA stuff sounds lovely. I really don't know. The modern retro look is nice. Other than that... Meh.
  12. I'd be careful about being mean to Bunny if I were you. Who knows what he/she/it is capable of.
  13. Yes, is easily done. Apple's Remote Desktop is nice if you are keen on spending money where a free solution will probably work just as well. Free, or much cheaper solutions being the many VNC clients, as well as Apple's own Screen Sharing. The server part of VNC is built in to OSX - Leopard is as far as you can go on a G5 and will run fine on it without causing any major compatibility problems when connecting from newer computers. Your choice of lah-de-dah music software that runs under G5/Leo is limited though, if that's important to you - Pure Music or nothing, unless you have some older installers around for Amarra (from memory Amarra sucked pretty hard under Tiger) or Decibel. I think the screen res always defaults to quite a low one without a monitor attached but I'm not sure of that or how effective any of the workarounds are for this. I've used a G5 headless as a proper server at work for ages and it's pretty stable, so I doubt there will be many occasions where you will need to connect a monitor and keyboard to it. Oh, ps: Fair warning - It sounds like a small helicopter once the fans start going.
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