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Since my old Rega CD Player died, I decided to switch off CD rom and move to software.

I did this step in the past for the video\movies, now it is time for the music.


I listen almost to classic music and expecially chamber music.


I tried several solutions and still not found the best one, for example:

- Windows desktop + JRiver

- Windows touch + JRiver

- Windows + Foobar

- JPlay in different environment

- Linux + MPD

- etc....


Every solution tried anyway is based on a NAS storing music files and a USB DAC.

I must admit that I wish "something" that does not force me to use kayboard and mouse to listen to music.

I must admit that Jriver running on a Windows tiouchscreen tablet in theatre view is LOVELY.

Ubuntu Linux + MPD is a good idea, but is not so flexible like JRiver

and so on...


Both MPD and JRiver, correctly configured and tuned, are very nice but...


from your experience, are there real advanteges running Ubuntu+MPD over Win+Jriver and\or Foobar , from a sound quality point of view ?



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