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  1. I am not sure my suggestion fits all your needs, but the most versatile solution is based on MPD. It is very very simple, inexpensive, high quality, very light, multiroom, multiprotocol, cross platform and... open source. Keep in mind that most of the (even) high end products are based on Linux or BSD + MPD customized. In the BSD environment MPD is MusicPD. On the market, regardless the price, you will never find something so versatile and customizable solution. Unfortunately there are cons: nothing is ready out of the box. MPD runs even on Windows, but I can not guarantee the same quality you can get from Linux or BSD
  2. Yes you are correct: with hig rez I mean 24/96 and with std rez I mean the CD resolution. I even tried not only to play from local SD card, but I shut down the Eth interface... no difference.
  3. All of these solutions use Debian and MPD... the only change is the user interface, if I am not wrong.
  4. I am very very happy with an Intel NUC + uBuntu + MPD It is headless, you do not need keyboard or display and you can control from the Android. I choose ubuntu just because I am more confortable with it, but you can run Debian or many other Linux distro or BSD. Using Linux, killing all the the not necesary processes and so on... you can get great performance even with low end CPU and just 2 GB RAM. If you store your flac on a NAS, you can avoid the HDD in the Intel NUC and boot the OS from a SD card. But PLEASE, do not think that this will be a cheap solution and so a LOW-END solution... the performance of such configuration are very very high Remember that most of the music streamers on the market are based on such technology (OpenBSD or NetBSD customized)
  5. Looking around I see that there are a lot of progress on the Android side. Many people say that Android tablets + OTG cable + external USB DAC + app such as USB Audio Player Pro SOUND BETTER than a PC + JRiver. Having to start from the green, I am trying to understand if it is better to go with PC+JRiver or Android+App
  6. I know that both Eth and USB share the resources, so I tested the Rasp playing files from a NAS and from local... without any differences. :-)
  7. before buying a Windows tablet (such as HP x2 or lenovo MiiX) based on quad core Intel Atom CPU, anyone can provide some feedbacks? The purpose is to load jRiver on Windows and run it in theatre mode in order to potentially forget the keyboard and use just the touch interface. The flac files will be hosted on a NAS on my LAN and I am going to use an external USB DAC. Year ago, when Windows 7 tablets appeared on the market, I tried these kind of solution, but with very poor results and i returned the HW to Amazon. thanks
  8. I know there are tons of posts regarding this subject, but I really can not find a solution. original Raspberr + minimal lite Debian OS + MPD + external USB DAC (HiFace). Playing standard resolution flac files, I do not face any major issue, but... whenever I try to play high resolution... the quality is very poor: lot of backgroud noise, glitches, etc. if i switch to the Raspberry analog audio out, very same result. Playing high res flac files, the CPU runs @ 30% max. No difference playing files from a NAS or from local. I tweaked a lot around the MPD settings, without any major beenfit. I tried Volumio... very same problems (Volumio runs MPD, so this result was expected) The last test was to install FreeBSD on the Raspberry (you know BSD is the best "unix like" OS) and spent hours to compile MPD from the source. No major benefit at all. So i can guess it is a limitation of the Rasp hardware itself or a poor compatibility with the HiFace DAC. Connecting the hiFace DAC to a "stupid" Windows machine... it sound perfectly. Loading Ubuntu on a very very old PC, the hiFace is just perfect. Someone here is experincing the same problems? Any suggestion? I am going to try something different, but I am going to post a different message here. Thanks and regards.
  9. Since my old Rega CD Player died, I decided to switch off CD rom and move to software. I did this step in the past for the video\movies, now it is time for the music. I listen almost to classic music and expecially chamber music. I tried several solutions and still not found the best one, for example: - Windows desktop + JRiver - Windows touch + JRiver - Windows + Foobar - JPlay in different environment - Linux + MPD - etc.... Every solution tried anyway is based on a NAS storing music files and a USB DAC. I must admit that I wish "something" that does not force me to use kayboard and mouse to listen to music. I must admit that Jriver running on a Windows tiouchscreen tablet in theatre view is LOVELY. Ubuntu Linux + MPD is a good idea, but is not so flexible like JRiver and so on... Both MPD and JRiver, correctly configured and tuned, are very nice but... from your experience, are there real advanteges running Ubuntu+MPD over Win+Jriver and\or Foobar , from a sound quality point of view ? Regards.
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