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New classical music site: Sinfini Music

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I recently stumbled several times on the SimfiniMusic site:


Sinfini Music | Cutting Through Classical


They have quite some interesting content.


First of all reviews, and they are not hesitating to be rather critical with some recent DG recordings in spite of somehow being affiliated with Universal Music. For example, the recent Hélène Grimaud Brahms concertos gets only 2 out of five stars, and Rafal Blechacz' Chopin Polonaises get 3. Both assessments I'd agree with.


But then there's also a nice section called "Learn", which has lots of excellent features for newbies to classical music. And there's stuff that is helpful and fun even for the more advanced. For example, if you, like me, sometimes get lost in the plot of an opera, there are comic strips to summarize, e.g.


Opera Strip Mozart's Così fan tutte | Series | Features | Sinfini Music


Finally, there is a lot of editorial content like for example artist interviews:


Interviews | Listen | Sinfini Music


Worth checking out. And no, I'm not affiliated with the site in any way.

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I particularly enjoyed the cartoon stories that Rolando Villazon has done. Thanks, Larry

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