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  1. Bach: Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord (+ Organ Pieces). Played with singular synergy by Henryk Szeryng (violin) and Helmuth Walcha (harpsichord and organ). Very fine Redbook sound from a Qobuz download of an Urania recording (2:20:50).
  2. Bach: Cello Suites Nos. 4, 5 & 6. Brilliantly played by Tanja Tetzlaff. Oh, and sandwiched between the Suites she plays two (mercifully short) pieces for cello and tape by Thorsten Encke. Excellent sound from a 24/96 Qobuz download.
  3. . My deepest sympathy for your predicament. You certainly went the extra mile in trying to make the ER work for you. But if a direct connection to the router produces the engaging sound you prefer, why not just live with it and concentrate in the music? Alternatively, if the ER is still promising to be doing something you like, you may consider looking into your analogue system for a possible source of the treble problem. Best of luck in your quest.
  4. I've had the EtherREGEN playing continuously for over 500 hours. My impressions parallel those others have posted in eloquent detail, so I won't repeat them here, but I can say this: For me, there are two domains in which the ER brings significant enhancements: clarity and accuracy of timbres. These contribute in no small measure to the enjoyment of music. On a well recorded album, the effect is simply stunning, but even on run-of-the-mill tracks it makes for a major improvement in the realistic reproduction of a musical event. Of course, there is a downside. The shortcomings of a poor recording become even more apparent. My setup is simple: Comcast Cable Modem, HP Desktop (Windows 10), and Vortexbox Appliance NAS (Squeezelite), all plugged into a TP-Link Archer C7 Router. Then WiFi to a D-Link DAP 1522 WiFi Bridge, to the ER, to a Sonore ultraRENDU, to a Benchmark DAC2 and on to the analogue system. Ethernet cables are all Monoprice CAT 6a, USB cable is Phasure Lush^2. By the way, I found that choice of Ethernet cable is important to best complement the ER's virtues. Kudos to John Swenson and Alex Crespi for another brilliant design made available at a reasonable price!
  5. Thank you for such a quick response. Looking at this too quickly gave me impression that the plugs had metal jaws. My bad.
  6. Jud: At the moment, I'm using monoprice CAT 6 (not 6a) with plastic connectors between ER and ultra RENDU. I could not find any monoprice CAT 6a with plastic connectors. Do you know a source? Thanks.
  7. Count Basie + Louis Bellson & Ray Brown: Kansas City 3 - For The Second Time. Excellent sound from a 16/44 Qobuz download.
  8. Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers: A Night In Tunisia. A Classic. Great sound from a 24/192 Qobuz stream and download.
  9. I don’t have my ER yet, but based on my experience with connecting a WiFi bridge to my ultraRendu, I would try substituting Blue Jeans CAT 6a for the Supra CAT 8 on the B side of the ER. You might be pleased with the improvement in clarity and timbral accuracy.
  10. Beethoven: Piano sonatas No. 14, 20, 23, & 30. There are many outstanding recordings of these well-known pieces. Entremont's vigorous and nuanced readings (at 85!) are among the very best.. Exemplary sound from a 24/88 Qobuz download.
  11. In spite of the somewhat mystifying album title, what we have here is an engaging reading of Bach's GVs by Andre Parfenov on piano, plus a number of variations by Mr. Parfenov himself. Altogether an enjoyable endeavor. Fine recorded sound from a Qobuz 16/44 stream.
  12. Muzio Clementi: Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. I. Played with verve by Giacomo Scinardo. Vivid and spacious sound from a 24/96 Qobuz download.
  13. Played with flair, not flare, of course. (sorry).
  14. Ruby Braff: Hi-Fi Salute to Bunny. Delightful, and played with flare by all (Braff, Pee Wee Russel, Benny Morton, Dick Hafer, Nat Pierce, Steve Jordan, Walter Page, Buzzy Drootin). Fine sound from a CD rip (also available on Qobuz).
  15. Domenico Scarlatti: 12 Keyboard Sonatas. Nuanced and engaging piano playing by András Schiff. Excellent sound from a CD rip. (also available on Qobuz).
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