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  1. Vivaldi: Teatro alla Moda. Crisp and expressive playing by Amandine Beyer and her ensemble Gli Incogniti. Vivid, pellucid sound from a 24/88 Qobuz download.
  2. Cherubini: Requiem in C minor. Marche funèbre. Chant sur la mort de Haydn. Engaging performances by the Kammerchor der Frauenkirche Dresden with the Philharmonisches Orchester Altenburg Gera directed by Matthias Grünert. Very good recorded sound, streaming from Qobuz at 16/44.
  3. Strange . . . Neither my name nor my email addresses have changed. But thanks for the discount. Happy holidays. Guido F.
  4. A recent (for me) discovery: the Carducci String Quartet, a youthful Anglo-Irish group, in spite of having adopted the Italian poet's name. Augmented by Julian Bliss on clarinet, here they play with seemingly effortless polish Weber's Clarinet Quintet in B flat Major and Mozart's Clarinet Quintet in A Major K. 581. Vivid and detailed recorded sound from a hyperion 24/96 download.
  5. Hilary Han plays Bach's Sonatas Nos. 1 & 2 and Partita No. 1. Streaming from Qobuz at 16/44, but available as download at 24/88.
  6. Thank you very much for posting this! Very engaging performances by the Concerto Italiano. Kudos to naïve for the excellent sound (but not for yet another incongruous cover art)
  7. Beethoven: String Quartets, op. 18 Nos. 3 & 10. Energetic and nuanced playing by the Quartetto di Cremona. Admirably, the recorded sound is clear and detailed; less admirably, it is also a bit harsh -- both attributes perhaps pointing to very close miking. A 24/96 Qobuz download.
  8. Mozart: Piano Concertos No. 18 & No. 19. Mitsuko Uchida and the Cleveland Orchestra. For both performance and recorded sound, I prefer her earlier piano concertos cycle with Jeffrey Tate and the English Chamber Orchestra: Streaming from Qobuz.
  9. Donizetti: L'Elisir d'Amore. Joan Sutherland, Luciano Pavarotti. Hadn't listened to this performance in quite some time. Still delightful. Fine sound streaming from Qobuz.
  10. I may still not be clear about what you’re asking, sorry. But if I understand you correctly, the IEC connector, which is what the DM leans against, leads directly to the amp power supply.
  11. Hi Barrows: For me, the testing method you suggest, if used one track at a time, has never worked to detect differences, unless these are fairly gross and so would be obvious regardless of testing methodology. So, I placed the DM next to the power connector in my amp, with the power cable wrapping around the DM thus: and I listened to a wide variety of jazz and classical recordings for a couple of days. The sound seemed a bit more clear, more limpid, than without DM. Then I removed the DM and listened again for a while. Now the sound seemed just slightly less clear, but I could not be really sure. Putting DM back in, however, restored a feeling of clarity. Listening again with DM in for a number of sessions, the sound seemed more engaging, the music more easily grabbed my attention. The effect, as you pointed out, is fairly subtle, but for me makes it worth leaving DM in. I also tried placing the DM under the power cable of my DAC. Now the sound was definitely more veiled, not as engaging. Too bad, as otherwise i might have sent for a second DM. ? I offer these impressions without any pretense of objectivity. Just my personal and unscientific experience. Regards, Guido F.
  12. Ben Webster, with Dave Frishberg, Richard Davis & Grady Tate: Valentine's Day 1964 Live. Dreadful sound, but great music making. A CD rip.
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