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24/96 Downloads recorded Last Night!

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Received via email:


"Hi friends, the downloads are ready for you to listen to... 96K, 44.1(CD Quality) and free streaming mp3s.

Keith Greeninger, Chris Kee, Brain

performing Keith's own Breaking Through and the Bob Marley classic Three Little Birds...


Earlier this evening, these 3 fine musicians gathered for a one-time only performance and live recording at the request of Blue Coast Records' producer and founder, Cookie Marenco.


We will offer the downloads at a discount ($1 for the CD Quality download and $2 for the 96K download), until 3pm PDT tomorrow April 10, 2009.


Recorded using the E.S.E (Extended Sound Environment) proprietary style these pieces and are incredible in sound, music and magic. After the discount period, the prices will be $1.50 for CD Quality and $3 for 96K quality downloads.


Some of you know Brain's incredible drumming skills from his work with Primus, Tom Waits, Buckethead, Guns N Roses and many others. Keith Greeninger's familiar voice is heard as the lead off track on the Blue Coast Collection. Keith is a stunning performer. Chris Kee, also on the Blue Coast Collection, is playing acoustic bass. Chris plays bass on Jane Selkye's Blue Coast Collection pieces, though recently, he's known for his work with Houston Jones and Peter Rowan.


From Recording to Worldwide Distribution within 3 hours.. AMAZING!


Cookie Marenco, the Blue Coast Artists and the team at Blue Coast Records sincerely thank you for showing your support for high quality music and performances!"





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Yup. Chris...

Easy download. Will listen tomorrow as it is late here in the east.

Thanks for the link.



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Chris, thanks for the heads up!! I was able to download "Breaking Through", but I'm not able to click on "Three Little Birds". Anyone else have this problem? Love the music!


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I'd like to give Chris a very special thanks for putting our story on the front page! Your website has brought the downloads to the attention of many new fans.


I started Blue Coast Records to create music for fans that are great performances of incredible sound quality. Live recording is always a challenge.... and to upload immediately to the internet after the performance has its stumbling blocks, no doubt! But, we are encouraged by the response and hope to do many more like this.


We've got the mixes on DSD and may offer those for download in a few weeks. Thanks again. Your enthusiasm prompts us to do more!


Cookie Marenco


Blue Coast Records



Cookie Marenco[br]founder and producer[br]Blue Coast Records[br]http://www.bluecoastrecords.com/

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And I feel compelled to say, ladies and gentlemen, that this is what Computer Audio is all about. Great, well recorded music, delivered to your desktop while the notes are still fresh and enjoyed within hours of creation. If you were looking for a reason to go 'computer', this is it.:)


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I really enjoyed the music you offered for download! I'm new to computer audio, but a long time audiophile/musicphile. Please keep offering/expanding the hi rez downloads! This is the wave of the future...MP3 downloads for the masses/ipod/car audio crowd and high rez downloads for the 'philes. Everyone can be happy and satisfied with their music purchases in this way.


The fact that you were able to offer such a quality performance AND recording for download just 3 hours from performance is mind-boggling!!! Really love your work, Cookie!!! At the risk of descending into obsequiousness...You're a musical goddess!! Thanks again!!


Any chance the Blue Coast Collection will be released for download in 24/96? If you continue to offer great music from Keith Greeninger, Brain, Buckethead, Tony Furtado, Rob Ickes, etc, I will certainly be first in line for your high rez downloads!!




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Errrrrr...... Suitably red-faced. :) Many apologies! So used to this place being about boys and their toys...........


I'll shut up now, although the hole can't really get much bigger. :~)


And, yes, how very right you are - those few occasions in my life where I've 'got it right' have been those when my wife has let me have a good idea! ;)


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Your wife has you well trained ;)


I think it's very funny. A french forum (homecinema-fr.com) had a very funny exchange about 'sir' before I knew they existed. They are now all my best online friends!


I've had a 20 year history in pro audio which has been tremendously rewarding. Being a woman has allowed me to be invited to alot of functions, like the first Grammy Surround panel to 'represent' as they say.... I was able to sit among 30 of the top engineers in the country. It was an honor. I had a cheering section of secretaries.


I think what I might provide the 'boys' club is less of the 'toys' aspect and more of the 'music'... which is what I truly aspire to do. I love music, musicians, manufacturers of gear and the listeners we are ultimately doing this for.


Best to you, it's a wonderful day in San Francisco today



Cookie Marenco[br]founder and producer[br]Blue Coast Records[br]http://www.bluecoastrecords.com/

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