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Digital Audio Denmark DAC

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We have the Digital Audio Denmark AX24 with DSD/DXD option and also the EMM Labs/Meitner ADC8IV/DAC8IV. We also have the Playback Designs MPS-5. We have not heard it against the Berkley, but have heard it against the Pacific Microsonics Model 2. I feel the DAD, EMM Labs, Playback Designs and the PM2 are the best converters made... period.





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/begin unfettered but drool-inducing rumour/


be patient grasshopper.... small birds have been heard publicly a-twittering in the Bay Area (that's a small initial t, mind as opposed to Tw...) that the BADA folk are contemplating creation and production of a "PM3"; one would think leveraging their experience in developing original PMs and the alpha....


now, the overheard commentary may have been unintentional, YMMV, there are many phases of the moon to pass before potential fruition, and such a product would still most probably cost mebbe $29 or so above an alpha (heh)...


but you may now commence fantasizing.


/end unfettered but drool-inducing rumour/



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Any experience with the Lavry DA11 or DA10? I'm just curious to know how different the two sound according to others. They are in a different league price-wise. I am debating what to do with our NY showroom. On the one hand, I have been wowed by our little DA11. And I would like to hear a Lavry Gold in here ASAP. That said, it seems the market wants, for right or for wrong (for wrong, according to Dan Lavry), the ability to play higher res material (i.e. > 24/96kHz). I will ultimately go with my ears, as I almost always do ... In fact, I will be testing several DACs soon. I'm just curious to see if others have done similar tests with Lavry.


Lavry is extremely well-known in the pro world and highly respected. Seemingly, audiophiles are less familiar with them.



DISCLAIMER: Ciamara carries Lavry DACs as a dealer (a recent development).


Sanjay Patel | Ciamara Corporation | New York, NY | www.ciamara.com

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When we were in the market for the ultimate converters, we had quite a few come through our doors. Since Lavry was our neighbor, we had the Gold series in here for a month or so. For PCM 24/96 and under, it compares to the DAD and EMM Labs. Unfortunatley we do alot of DSD work. The other converters we had in here are the Prism, dCS, DAD and EMM/Meitner. The only DSD converters we haven't heard are the Grimm and Mytek.

Our "go to" converters now are the DAD and Playback Designs.

We've heard the DA10 quite a bit as well and think it sounds better than the Benchmark. The DA11 has more "gimicks" and think the sound is the same as the DA10. The DAD and Playback just give you better sonics. It's really noticeable on quite passages like reverb tails, ambience and background noise.

Some like the Lavry Blue since it's modular. We didn't care for it.






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Very helpful indeed. Thank you for that. I very much agree with your findings on the Lavry vs. Benchmark. To our ears, the Lavry DA10/DA11 is a great DAC for the money. The DA11 would do better if the remote control / IR function allowed you to switch inputs, but sound wise, I can't complain.


As I look to move up the ladder, so to speak, I will have to spend some more time with these others. I simply can't recommend anything to anyone until I've heard them. Should you know of anyone in the New York City area who might be interested in letting me in to hear some of these, I'm all ears!


Sanjay Patel | Ciamara Corporation | New York, NY | www.ciamara.com

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176.4 and 192 sound pretty much the same depending on what the source was. Of course sources with a 44.1 base rate will sound good on 176.4 and sources with a 48k base rate will sound better at 192.

Material at 352.8 and 384 just have a deeper background, more defined images and you can "hear" the room better. You can close your eyes and visualize the boundries of the room better. Reverb tails don't suddenly drop off... you can hear them all the way to the end.






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Finally managed to rouse myself sufficiently to borrow an AX24, which I am listening to right now, it is a very fine dac no question, how are people using it, with a separate clock, how are you connecting it to your source.

I am just using AES , I suppose in a studio environment everything would be slaved to one clock, interested to hear anyone's thoughts, thanks



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Bruce Hi, thanks for getting back regarding the AX24, I don't know anything about MADI, presumably it is capable of handling a lot of bandwidth and allows the connection of multiple pieces of equipment.

I am just thinking of the best way of connecting for my ( home user ) application, perhaps a Lynx card in a MacPro and take the AES/ Thanks again ,Keith.


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If I were you, I'd use the RME HDSPe MADI card to connect to the DAD AX24 via MADI. You can vew it here:


Instead of using big AES/EBU cables, you can connect via a 75ohm coax or optical up to hundreds of meters if you want. This is what we're using for our video machines. You can transmit up to 16 channels of 24/192 or up to 64 channels up to 48k. You can't do that with a Lynx card!

The Lynx PCI-e card doesn't sound as good as the PCI card.. IMHO.






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I think thats the US retail for the PCI express Mykerinos card only, as far as I can figure out. I got it from the price list at Independent Audio here:



It looks like the MADI daughter card would be extra but I'm not sure, maybe someone can clear that up.


Edit: I see your point re the workstation, since the Pyramix Workstation is going for $3,999. I don't really get it!


Maybe Bruce can explain why one would prefer the DAD over the Merging Tech's Sphynx2, I gather they're much the same unit, so is there any particular differences apart from front cover...


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