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I've got several computers (iMacs at home and in the office, also my MacBook Air and an iPhone) and want to listen to music that's stored at different locations . . . I've recently come across Simplify Media (http://www.simplifymedia.com), which lets me bring ALL my music files together simply (hence the name) all within iTunes. And it's free. Only downside is that won't recognise my AIFF files; it'll play just about everything else! Does anyone else use this?




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... and welcome to CA!


Yep, you are right it won't recognize AIFF:

From the FAQ at simplifymedia:

What types of files can be played?

Common music file types, such as MP3, AAC, WMA and Apple Lossless can be played. Exceptions include DRM protected WMA files, vorbis, WAV and FLAC.


They don't even list AIFF in the files that they don't play. Maybe they don't even think of AIFF as being relevant (I sure do).I reckon that you could convert to Apple lossless fairly easily and then convert the files back to AIFF when the support is added. I say "when" the support is added, but you will have to go on a campaign to get them to do it with the support of other users I'm afraid. I don't use it, but maybe someone else here does. Use the IM function to 'twix' other folks to help you.


Good luck - markr


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Hi Guys - iTunes works perfect to convert AIF to ALAC. First change the iTunes import settings to Apple Lossless Encoder. I know this sounds weird when you just want to convert some music. Then right click any of your songs, or all of them, or some of them, and select create Apple Lossless Version.


Whatever format you are using to import music from CDs is what the current option for file conversion will be set at in iTunes.


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Simplify is the reason I finally broke down and bought an iPhone after a fellow forum member should me the app. I think the reason it does not support AIFF is due to streaming limitations. Ideally a person would use the app over a wi-fi network, but it also works over 3 and 2 G. I do like the fact that it is called Simplifymedia and not just Simplifymusic. This tells me there may be plans in the future to let you stream videos and other forms of media.


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