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Mac Pro As Server: Quad Core Or 8 Core

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As a server, should I be concerned about 4 vs 8 cores in a Mac Pro? I've been looking at pre-owned in both configs, but pre-owned 8 core are selling on e-bay within 80% to 85% of new and I'm not sure the risk is worth it. Quad cores are going for less, so that's a more attractive option.


What do you think?






BPT 3.5 Ultra/Reference 3A Reflectors/MSB Technology S201 Amplifier/MSB Technology Analog DAC/MSB Technology Network Renderer/Audirvana +

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Me too ....

The day before yesterday I spoke with Michael Ritter from Berkeley and we discussed the same problem. He suggested I try Sonicstudio for a solution. Unfortunately Amarra only works with their hardware. So I am not going to spend another 5000 $ on a gadget that I do not necessarily need. So Chris please be patient with us and let us know.


Greetings Stephan


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