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  1. Sorry, I misunderstood that you wanted separate libraries within A+. I thought you wanted the ability to include multiple external libraries. As you mention, A+ combines all your external paths into a single large library.
  2. There's a "+" sign in the lower left of the library tab. You can specify any library path you want, for as many libraries as you want. For example, my single library is : /volumes/drobo/music Music is my library folder, and each artist has his own folder under that. I could create another directory on my Drobo (or anywhere else) and add that path. Does this help?
  3. Version 3.2.15 just showed up. I wonder what that means for the release of 3.5....
  4. Thanks! Reference 3A is one of those companies that flies "under the radar". Never a lot of press, but they make exceptional speakers.
  5. Dan- Any input regarding the Beta signup process? Apparently several (likely many) that submitted requests did not receive any type of acknowledgement. How are we to know whether we are accepted, rejected, etc.?
  6. Maybe, but I’d rather use something like A+, Roon, etc. that requires less fiddling. It seems like many people that use LMS have some type of issue. Personally, I don’t understand why people are still using it, other than it’s free. I’d rather pay for something with a true support structure.
  7. But I don’t believe he’s using LMS, so that would be a moot point. He’s made several references to using Audirvana, which already performs the first unfold. If that’s the case, MQA in 2.6 is redundant.
  8. What playback software are you using that either doesn’t already perform the first unfold, or doesn’t have it scheduled to be implemented?
  9. MSB will be releasing a new firmware update for their Network Renderer, which allows the use of Audirvana + directly across the network. It will now be possible to select the Renderer as the audio source in A+. Prior to this release, the Renderer could be selected, but playback was not possible. The firmware update should be available within the next few days in the "Renderer Firmware" section at this link: http://www.msbtechnology.com/about-msb/support/ If you own the Renderer, you can eliminate your NAA/USB connection to take advantage of Audirvana's excellent sound quality.
  10. I was fortunate enough to obtain a copy of the MSB Renderer firmware update in advance of its public release. Works like a charm, and sounds great. Thanks for the heads-up.
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