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lynx card for laptop?


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Congratulation for the great site! I just have a possible solution for computer audiophiles that want to add a lynx card to a laptop and enjoy high resolution files 24/192 without changing to mac pro or desktop pc. I have not try it but it looks that it can work.


There is an standard PCI card expansion box for laptops computers. You can buy the box for $200 at www.cooldrives.com. You buy the expansion box and then the lynx card. You plug the lynx card to the box, then plug the box to your laptop through the express card 34 slot. This option is ideal for the macbook pro. I am not sure if it is compatible with mac os. I dont know which other computers have this slot, but if you have another slot in your laptop you just have to buy the adapter that goes from express 34 to whatever your card slot is. The box can fit in your shelves and just leave the cable with the express card handy to plug it at any time at your computer.


Another brand that makes this adapter is magma but is very expensive. In the specs from magma it says that is compatible with windows an mac. Hope that this information would be of benefit for some.




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I just sent Cooldrives an e-mail asking them to confirm compatibility with OSx and whether the box handles PCIe or just PCI cards. I'll post back when I get an answer.






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Hello Bob & Chris,

I've just been searching for the Cooldrives 'Expansion Box' to connect a Lynx card to a laptop.

It's the ECS-8582-4S 4-slot ExpressCard-to-PCI Expansion system made by Adlink Technology from Taiwan:


In the US: http://news.thomasnet.com/fullstory/544894

Still not sure whether it would work with a MacBook Pro.





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The cost of the expansion box plus the cost of an express card makes me question the wisdom of this purchase. I believe the Recommended Audiophile Reference Music Server For A Song was only $270 and we know that works very well. An expansion box with a Lynx AES16 card that is connected to a Mac laptop is also an unknown in terms of compatibility and performance.


My other objections to this setup are: 1. laptops can often run hot. I may use my MacBook Pro Music Server for hours at a time but never for days on end. My Windows PC Reference Music Server For A Song runs 24/7 and is cool as a cucumber and 2. a laptop connected to an expansion box diminishes the portability of the laptop and might as well be a desktop computer.



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Another interesting link to connect a Lynx card to a Mac (or PC) laptop or a Mac Mini using an expansion box:


Features : Compliant with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 standard.

Suitable for desktop or laptop equipped with USB slot.

Allows USB base ExpressCard module working via USB port.

Compatible with Mac and PC laptops.

RoHS compliance.



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Could this really be a viable way to add a Lynx card to a Mac Mini? It's certainly more cost effective than buying a Mac Pro. . .


Wonder if it will work?


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And the digital output is the same as any other. Therefore surely a good external DAC would be the most effective solution.


I have to admit to playing Devil's Advocate here, because having talked to quite a few engineers and other experts, we can't understand what the perceived benefit of a Lynx card might be for an Apple computer.




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