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Not that most people reading this forum need convincing, but I had reason tonight to hook a transport that I have kept around as a backup. Not great gear (Denon), but I thought that it was solid. The amazing fact is that CDs playing from the CD drive in the computer sound immensely better than from the transport.



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I have a Modified Denon 3930CI DVD player that was modifieddby Matt Anker . The unit has a D-Clock and the Zap Filter MK 2 output stage. The unit in a great sound player and is also, a great transport because of the clock. I use a Stereovox Xv2 cable which makes myiunit a serious , great transport yet the sound from my laptop into my Dac's USB wins out!


Powerbook G4 15 inch Aluminum, \"Fidela,\" M2tech EVO (BNC)with RF attenuator,dedicated PSU, Stereovox XV Ultra (BNC) Audio Note Dac Kit 2.1 Level B Signature Upgraded to 12AU7 tubes, ARC SP-16L Tube preamp , VAC PA100/100 Tube Amp), Vintage Tubes, Furutech ETP-80, (Alon 2 Mk2, (upgraded tweeters, Usher Woofers), Pangea Power cords, Omega Micro Active Planar PC. Signal Cable Silver Resolution ICs.

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