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  1. I am so waiting for the Katana. How much longer until it is ready?
  2. Cannot Get Wifi working! I use The Pi 3b with the Hifiberry Dac + pro and the bottom half of the steel case. I have tried the on board wifi and the edimax and the best I can get is AP mode with the Edimax. I have change channels on the router yet no luck. I used a static address and when I reboot using Ethernet,. the network settings shows wireless %0 signal. I love using Moode yet I tied volumio and other Pi operation systems and they work with wireless and the see all the SIDs. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. I am using the steel case with my Pi and Dac + pro. I am only connect via AP mode or Ethernet. When you can expect version 3.0 to be released?
  4. I use for my primary (at this time) my totally optimized Mac Mini 2012, SSDm Nordost Purple Flair PC, Ultrafi Optimization guide, additional tweaks, Ultrafi Uzarta dual USB cable and Aubisque filter, Buffalo Ministorage 2.0 TB external HDD with the Ultrafi Thunderbolt cable. The Dac is a tube unit, the preamp is also tubes and i use a plasma HDTV. During the summertime, I do not like using the tubes and the TV heats up a lot. I setup a windows laptop to be a secondary listening dedicated headphone station. I use W7 64 bit home premium on a Lenovo 410S with a 1.8 inch SSD. The OS is opt
  5. Thanks for your response. I do not the idea of upsampling as I have a large library of hi-rez files. The SQ on my mac mini 2012 (optimized) is good yet i feel Amarra is more musical. As per a friend of mine, i setup a Linux live install and am using HQ with your suggestions. I changed the filter to none and i can hear the improvements.
  6. I am curious about this application. On my Mac Mini , I find Amarra to sound best of all the apps I have tried. on my laptop with windows 7 optimized , I use as headphone station, i like JRMC 20. Can some kind souls please post their experiences using HQ player on both mac and windows compared to other apps like Amarra , A+, JRMC, etc? Thanks in advance
  7. I was told by someone that the SSD drive did sound as good as the standard drive. Do you agree or disagree with this?
  8. I switching mac min computers so i can utilize the faster interfaces of the external hard drive to Thunderbolt, stink with Fw800 and use USB 3.0 For those of you who use a Mac Mini 2012 as a transport to A Dac, can you convey your experiences using the standard hard drive vs. A SSD (for sound quality). How much Ram should i use, 8 GB or 16GB? The unit comes with 4GB, 2 2.0GB Dimms. which brand SSd and Ram do you suggest? Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Liz
  9. Should you desire bookshelf sized active speakers that are so great, look at the vanatoo transparent one speakers.
  10. I just got this and use with a sennheiser iem headphone, i love this!
  11. Use the m2tech driver: http://www.m2tech.biz/young.html#driver
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