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    dCS Legends - The Other Side of the Glass Podcast | Al Schmitt

    Hi Guys - A quick one today. dCS released the first episode of its dCS Legends podcast. This one is an interview with Al Schmitt. Al is a true master of his craft and a very interesting and humble guy. This podcast is a must listen for fans of music in general and fans of Al's work for sure. 


    My own personal story of Al goes back to October 2017 at the dCS 30th anniversary event at Capitol Records in Hollywood (link). Al, and others, spoke briefly about their careers. At the end the floor was opened for questions. I asked Al what it was like to work with Shelby Lynne on the Tears, Lies and Alibis album. Al's eyes lit up as he pointed to a vocal booth a few feet from me and said Shelby recorded her vocals "right there." He described Shelby bringing her dog into the booth, the dog barking, and leaving the bark on the record. All good stories that I could've listened to all night long. 


    Anyway, here is the first episode of dCS Legends - The Other Side of the Glass | Al Schmitt



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