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  1. I've used the USBridge Signature with a few different USB-SPDIF converters without issues, but I don't have the ones you have. I'm guessing there might be something you need to toggle on the software side to select USB as the audio output choice. What OS and player are you using?
  2. You're welcome. My SU-1 is going to a Holo Spring too. About what allo.com said concerning the iFi power supplies: I agree. I think that Allo's Shanti power supply is excellent, and I highly recommend it. With the Digione Signature and now the USBridge Signature, I prefer it over some "more expensive" 5v supplies.
  3. I am using the USBridge Signature with a Singxer SU-1, and it works perfectly. No issues...
  4. Good job and good news, antonellocaroli.
  5. Hi. I'm out of town and don't use PiCorePlayer, but I will try it when I get back in a few days. In the meantime, what choices (if any) do you see for the audio output device setting? Try USB Audio if that is a choice.
  6. If you turn off (shut down) your other Allo devices (and leave them off) and then reboot the USBridge Signature, does LMS then pick up the USBridge Signature?
  7. I could never give up Roon (because of the interface), but I prefer the way it sounds when outputting to Squeezelite. To enable this, go to Roon Settings, Setup, Enable Squeezebox Support = Yes. In Device Setup (under Advanced), I also set Use Flac Compression to No. Many of the audio OSs have Squeezelite built in.
  8. I had DSD64, 128, 256, and 512 working with the USBridge Signature.
  9. I have not done that comparison, but I will.
  10. My preferred OS is GentooPlayer. That's what sounds best (to me) with a Digione Signature. It has, among other things, a great ramdisk mode. See GentooPlayer Link if interested (and use a browser that will translate the page unless Italian is your language). I know that the author, antonellocaroli, is working to get everything working well with the USBridge Signature.
  11. It does run Roon. All the operating systems that you might use (for example, Diet Pi, GentooPlayer, Audiolinux) allow you to easily run RoonBridge. I run Squeezelite on the Allo box and have Roon output to Squeezelite (you have to Enable Squeezebox Support in Roon's Setup Settings first) because to my ears it sounds a little better that way...
  12. I have the new USBridge Signature and the old USBridge. In my opinion, the USBridge Signature is significantly better in the sound quality department. Also, it sounds great with Allo's Shanti power supply.
  13. Thanks for the command. I get this: [[email protected] ~]$ numactl --sho physcpubind: 0 1 2 3 No NUMA support available on this system. The new kernel (with NUMA disabled) sounds really good here on a NUC7PJYH1.
  14. Thanks! Nope. 3.3. I have 3.6s now (all these years later) and am always thinking about moving up to 3.7...
  15. Ralf, great maggies! Here's the oldest pic I could find. It's from 2001.
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