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  1. >>>How do I configure it to work with USBridge Sig? It asks to select audiocard but I have none installed. USBridge connects to my DAC over USB. If you can ssh in, I think the best way to do this is to first set the audio output and then run through the Wizard Configuration script. Here is info copied from post #412 in this thread: 11) Issue the gp-menu command. 12) Choose 3 (choice of audio output). 13) For USB output on Allo device, choose 2 (DAC USB). For SPDIF output on Digione Signature, choose 5 (Allo DigiOne Signature). The system will reboot. 14) After about 30 seconds or so, ssh in again. 15) If you want to run squeezelite, squeezelite-R2, or mpd, run the Wizard configuration script. To do that: gp-menu command, then choice 8 (Wizard configurations, Mpd, squeezelite, squeezelite-R2). Instructions for each step - q to exit viewer, escape key, choose card number, confirm, q to exit viewer, choose max sample rate supported, confirm, choose minimum sample rate supported, confirm, confirm selected sampling rate, y or n (to start mpd), y or n (to start squeezelite-R2), y or n to start squeezelite. Note - I think that the Wizard Configuration is now choice 7 (instead of 8).
  2. With the Revolution DAC - if you have a semi-powerful computer that can send everything at DSD256 to NAA running on the USBridge Signature, I recommend giving it a try. Also, if you're looking at different power supplies, Allo's Shanti is nice and 1 Shanti can power both the USBridge Signature and Revolution DAC.
  3. Great thread. Ennio Morricone, RIP... Per the thread, Searching for Sugar Man - 10+. Easily makes my top 10 movies list.
  4. I should say - I think the DAC sounds great when sent native (not upsampled) content (PCM or DSD) too.
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