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RIP Marvelous



Marvelous Marvin Hagler, one of boxing's all time greats, just died, aged 66.


His boxing record: 67 pro fights, with only 3 losses (all controversial). He elevated boxing to an art form as few have ever done. From his interviews after his retirement, he seemed like a kind man. He remained bitter about the world of boxing, having been robbed in his last fight of a well-deserved victory against the more popular Sugar Ray Leonard. 


Anyone interested in the "Sweet Science" should watch this great video by Lee Wiley in which he highlights one aspect of his many skills. Quoting him: "Regularly touted as a seek-and-destroy slugger with a cast-iron chin, Marvin Hagler remains, at least from a technical perspective, one of boxing's most misunderstood practitioners".






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