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    Why not just wait for MQA-GROUND, get the special green light and be done with it?
  2. The attenuator feature has this satisfied Yggy owner (original version, all three upgrades) looking at Bricasti's DACs.
  3. I have no association with the seller. This is from Craigslist: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/minneapolis-pre-recorded-reel-to-reel/7232603677.html
  4. Hi Barrows, What do you think is the more significant improvement: uR to oR vs. oR to Signature Rendu? Thanks!
  5. I love it when the "fanboy" comes out Chris. You wear it well. Cheers!
  6. hi Barrows, Could you please elaborate on the Plexiglas bamboo? My google search did not help.
  7. AudioDoctor, Do you remember Hobb's House? It was a very late night show on WCCO that was broadcast from Mr. Hobb's house. I think that show may have been Leigh's inspiration. Letting go of my 2270 was the worst audio mistake of my life. And I say this after also selling two MC-60 mono amps...
  8. " I have a very special vinyl album of Duke Ellington and Alice Babs in Paris in 1963 titled Serenade to Sweden that came to me via a friend of my dads from Leigh himself. It was the background music he would play during the time in-between songs and is absolutely beautiful music. " Color me jealous! Leigh and Lowell Pickett (the owner of The Dakota jazz club) are two reasons that the Twin Cities have had such a vibrant Jazz Scene.
  9. " I immediately called my Mom in Princeton, and asked her if she would be willing to stop by the Jadwin box office to see if anyone had turned in tickets for a refund due to the re-scheduling. My Mom was awesome, and indeed got two tickets, front row center, to the sold out show! As the concert was now on Friday night, i could get permission to leave my boarding school for a weekend at home in Princeton, so my roommate and I spent the weekend at my house in Princeton. My Mom dropped us off at the show, and we had our minds blown by ELP. My house was only a couple of miles from the Princeto
  10. C'mon Chris! Put down the phones and BE THERE NOW. I love the BWCA. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it.
  11. I never pass up an opportunity to express that my Comcast experience was the worst commercial experience of my life.
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