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  1. ssh

    Bass Players

    Billy Nelson, Cordell, Cherokee?
  2. Ha! I had a similar experience. Upgraded the Yggy twice, including the USB input. The ISO REGEN's improvement is substantial. Another significant improvement was powering it with an LPS-1.2. And Sonore's DC4 power cord helped immensely Everything matters. Now I wait patiently for the third wave of the EtherREGEN release.
  3. "You can't miss what you can't measure." George Clinton
  4. My Yggy has had both mods. The IsoRegen, to my ears, still was an improvement (ROON>UlraRendu w/ LPS 1.2>Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB>IsoRegen w/LPS 1>Yggy>Ragnarok>Paradigm Studio 40 V2).
  5. Thanks for the article. I thought that I remembered having some of his work on LP's on Norman Granz's Pablo label.
  6. Hi Alex, I have two LPS 1.0 feeding an ISO REGEN and an UltraRendu into a Yggy (mods up to date). The switch is a Netgear FS 108. Will the new switch, or the LPS 1.2 upgrade be the best bang for the dollar? Thanks.
  7. ssh

    Mo Funk

    Funk is it's own reward.
  8. I think that I will hold out for the hempcrete model.
  9. Interesting results so far, the 5,000 to 10,000 option is greater than the entire options $2,000 and under.
  10. Click on the album and you should get this display, then click the credits.
  11. "The whole of the Beatles back catalogue has recently been re-released in re-mastered form; " wrote semente. Does this include their mono albums? Does the Mono box set qualify?
  12. 5900 albums on my hard drive, hooked up to ST-5, to an UltraRendu to a Yggy. Hit "shuffle play" and no delay for me. No five second delay here.
  13. I received an email to activate my account but there wasn't the required activation key in the email.
  14. I meant my last comment to be a historical reference. I know, a bit "early".
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