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  1. View Classified Schiit Ragnarok For sale is my Schiit Ragnarok. It was purchased in May of 2016 (five year warranty still in effect). Comes with the original packaging. Seller ssh Date 04/11/21 Price 800.00 USD Category Amplifiers  
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    Schiit Ragnarok

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    For sale is my Schiit Ragnarok. It was purchased in May of 2016 (five year warranty still in effect). Main board replaced and firmware upgraded June, 2019. Comes with the original packaging.

    800.00 USD

  3. Picked up the 16/44 FLAC from Bandcamp. A great example of the performance trumping fidelity. This RFTT, February-July 1975, is essential for any and every Pere Ubu fan.
  4. The box set "Shut Up And Play Your Guitar" is a great start.
  5. "One reviewer of the initial single release described it as something like squeals that sound like a cat whose tail has just been stepped on, with cowbell smacks. " It's probably a good thing that reviewer didn't listen to Captain Beefheart!
  6. The first time I heard "psychedelecized" I was listening to George Clinton's "Free your mind your ass will follow". Still good advice!
  7. A recording of the Dead's Cornell show, 5-8-77 is in the Library of Congress. The 24/192 recording is wonderful.
  8. "On issue with this, when it comes to home audio reproduction, is that we don't know which life we are attempting to simulate. Which recording studio, which concert hall, which seating position, which microphone placement, which brand and model of microphone, which mixing engineer, etc... " This recording is from a 1974 show in Des Moines. Wish you could see the faces of fellow DeadHeads that had attended the show when they hear this disc. Set, setting, set-up.
  9. Can you power your audio side with a portable generator?
  10. And the bathroom's supplied by the main panel? Try disconnecting the wiring at the fan and operating the switch, if there is still a problem, replace the switch. If the problem goes away replace the fan or install a surge suppressor. I was once a member of the IBEW but I am not an electrician.
  11. A "bigger proponent for the Black entertainer"? How about Bing Crosby?
  12. View Classified Schiit Yggdrasil A2 Unison USB For sale is my Schiit Yggdrasil. It is fully up to date with the Analog 2 boards and the Unison USB board. Comes with the original packaging and power cord. Seller ssh Date 02/17/21 Price 1,700.00 USD Category Digital to Analog Converters  
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