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  1. C'mon Chris! Put down the phones and BE THERE NOW. I love the BWCA. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it.
  2. I never pass up an opportunity to express that my Comcast experience was the worst commercial experience of my life.
  3. I checked out the stand on Amazon, the middle vertical wall is fixed and the two outer wings adjust in and out. I bought one to hold an LPS-1,2 and an eR. $25 or so.
  4. Roon's lifetime subscription at $500 was one of my best investments ever.
  5. someone found some extra time during the pandemic perhaps?
  6. When I brought back my modem to US West the majority of the customers were there to terminate their service. Less than a year later I have recouped the modem purchase price by reducing my monthly charge. US West has been the worst service provider, across the board, all categories, that I have ever experienced.
  7. The new world. Threats, anonymous terrors.
  8. " in fact most Saturday nights we would be in the den listening to The Jazz Image on MPR" Leigh Kamman was the host on that show. I think that I learned about Dexter Gordon's performance at the U of MN's Whole Coffee House from that show!
  9. https://www.montreuxjazzfestival.com/en/50-concerts-to-stream/
  10. ssh

    Ellington gems

    Beautiful. Thanks.
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