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  1. Thanks for the article. I thought that I remembered having some of his work on LP's on Norman Granz's Pablo label.
  2. Hi Alex, I have two LPS 1.0 feeding an ISO REGEN and an UltraRendu into a Yggy (mods up to date). The switch is a Netgear FS 108. Will the new switch, or the LPS 1.2 upgrade be the best bang for the dollar? Thanks.
  3. ssh

    Mo Funk

    Funk is it's own reward.
  4. I think that I will hold out for the hempcrete model.
  5. Interesting results so far, the 5,000 to 10,000 option is greater than the entire options $2,000 and under.
  6. Click on the album and you should get this display, then click the credits.
  7. "The whole of the Beatles back catalogue has recently been re-released in re-mastered form; " wrote semente. Does this include their mono albums? Does the Mono box set qualify?
  8. 5900 albums on my hard drive, hooked up to ST-5, to an UltraRendu to a Yggy. Hit "shuffle play" and no delay for me. No five second delay here.
  9. I received an email to activate my account but there wasn't the required activation key in the email.
  10. I meant my last comment to be a historical reference. I know, a bit "early".
  11. I'm in, check the number of items available.
  12. Wrong, I had a hard time finding the white/grey windows.
  13. Tried to log in, no luck. The site is probably slammed right now.
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