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  1. Excellent condition in original packaging. MeanWell Power Supply, 18" Long Volex 18awg cord, Male/Male USB A>B Solid adapter, 6" Male/Male USB A>B cable, User Guide included. $90 via PayPal, shipping included.
  2. Thanks for the reply, hopefully you can resolve the issue quickly.
  3. What power supply are you using?
  4. Maybe try Crux Audio. They might be able to direct you. Did you take out and reinsert the SD card?
  5. Is the Marantz in DSD pure direct mode? Make sure you are in zone 1.
  6. What are your selections under the advanced tab?
  7. Try switching between the choices under audio mode.
  8. I recently had an issue with my microRendu 1.4. Occasionally, a song would cut out for a second or two and then resume playing. Last week it wouldn't play at all. the yellow light in the back was illuminated but not the green. The unit was no longer recognized on my network. I contacted Andrew Gillis and he suggested a few items to try. 1. Upgrade to the latest code. 2. Try a new network cable. 3. Replace the software. I couldn't complete number one due to the unit not being visible on the network. I changed the network cable but it had no impact. I reverted to the 2.3 software microSD card and the microRendu started functioning. I am assuming there is a problem with the microSD card. Please advise on the next course of action. Do I need to purchase a new microSD card? Thanks in advance.
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