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  1. I have numerous Dac's that have been fed by a microRendu with no issues, I also run the sMS-200 and sMS-200 Neo which runs a similar software, without any issues. Good luck!
  2. That is a nice system, EL84's are nice pentodes. What brand of tubes do you run?
  3. Are you running speakers or headphones? That looks like a nice unit.
  4. Understood, thanks for replying. Upgrading of power supplies was my next suggestion, which you have already mentioned. Good luck!
  5. Why the 50 foot cable followed by a 40 foot cable?
  6. I am using the "El Cheapo" to power my Actiontec C1000A for Century Link, working and sounding excellent.
  7. Congratulations! I look forward to reading about your impressions.
  8. In the original post you mentioned a few grand and that is what I went off. Two LPS-1.2's ($870), etherRegen ($640) and sMS-200 Neo ($450) for a total of $1,960. You could also start with the sMS-200 Neo and LPS-1.2 for $885. There are also some microRendu's popping up on the used market. This is an idea for you to consider and equipment that I am familiar with and comfortable to recommend.
  9. I am currently listening to the sMS-200 Neo (UpTone Audio LPS-1.2) with an UpTone Audio etherRegen (UpTone Audio LPS-1.2) upstream and a Schiit Bifrost Multibit downstream, the results are quite satisfying. Excellent price/performance ratio.
  10. I don't have first hand experience with the ultra but their are threads on this site with additional information. It can be ordered with an external clock output which increases the cost.
  11. I have used a Sonore microRendu 1.3 and now 1.4, SOtM sMS-200 and SOtM sMS-200 Neo with excellent results all being powered by an UpTone Audio LPS-1.2. From what I have read the Sonore ultraRendu and opticalRendu are an upgrade from the aforementioned and also more expensive at $875 and $1295 respectively. The opticalRendu would require a higher amperage power supply. The sMS-200 and 200 Neo are $450 and the LPS-1.2 is $435.
  12. I demoed a Chord Qutest for a weekend and powered it with a UpTone Audio LPS-1 with the shunted energizing supply, sounded fantastic.
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