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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm putting together a system for a friend who's new to truly great audio. He fell in love with some new speakers by Janszen and the EAR DAC4. To start I'm just going to hook his current run of the mill bluray player and apple TV to the DAC so he can hear the improvements that brings to what he already has at home. From there he wants to upgrade. We heard a NAS drive connected to a CHORD DAC with ethernet input and the sound was great he preferred the EAR. I've been looking into the MSB Universal Media Transport and I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this device and hooking a NAS drive to it. I'm still quite ignorant in this realm as I've been more than happy with a Wavelength Brick hooked to my MAC and iTunes integrated Audirvana. I want to see a system in this guys home that is very easy to access and can cover all the bases. The DAC4 can handle pretty much anything and the UMT can do the same+ but does anyone know how files are accessed/navigated and how to set it all up? Thanks
  2. Hello all, Reading these forums I've become more and more focused on achieving a short simple (and cheap!) path from source to speaker. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has taken the route described below, and since I'm struggling I was hoping that someone who has gone the same way might be able to help: > I rip to FLAC using Db poweramp on my PC, or download a similar quality source. >> I sync files to my Samsung S4 mini (I have a 64GB min SD card) >>> I want to stream them to my Xeo 3s - which accept a digital stream via mini USB or SPDIF input. However the S4 mini doesn't appear to support USB OTG/isn't able to directly stream the files. Do you know of any app or device that will encode and stream my FLAC files from the phone mini USB to mini USB/SPDIF of the Xeo 3 transmitter so that the signal stays digital and lossless all the way to the Dynaudio speaker DACs please? I've read the primers, but can't get to grips with the language - guess I've reached my techonolgical limits - so simple solutions preferred, if possible! Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  3. I had a squeezebox touch that was connected to a MF M1Dac So I am looking for a replacement for the squeezbox .. But .. maybe I can replace the M1Dac with M1Clic than I might have the streamer I’m looking for + the Dac in one unit. Another option for me is to leave my MF M1DAC as is and buy a Bluesound Node, but I find no comparison about the audio quality between these two possibilities The only thing I know is that the Bluesound (on ipad app) will give me Internet radio stations that cover image imparting played song or album Example: http://radioparadise.com/m3u/mp3-192.m3u Another thing is that cover-art coming from ripped flac files on Nas can be increased does anyone have experience with this
  4. Hi, I'm new to these forums, so thanks for having me let me start by saying that I'm by no means a noob when it comes to computers and audio, but this problem has me stumped. My basic situation is this: I want to use Ableton on my Windows 7 machine and stream the output over the local network to my HTPC. My HTPC runs XBMCBuntu, although because it's Linux I can install some kind of service to receive the audio stream. The more detailed situation is this: I live in a small flat. My HTPC setup is based around the aforementioned machine, with audio output going optically to a Beresford DAC, then on to my lovely old JA-S22. My desk is in the same room as the HTPC. Generally I use a remote or Marachino to play music from the HTPC. That all works fine. But I'm an ableton user. My girlfriend will not be happy if I put another pair of speakers on my desk, and to be honest, I don't want to, as whatever I buy is not going to sound as nice as my Monitor Audio BX2s. Obviously I could simply run a cable from my windows machine to the amp, but I'm sure there must be a better solution? In my mind the solution would be a virtual sound device in windows, which would send the audio over the network to the linux box, which would decode and output to the amp? Sounds simple, but I'll be *^**^ed if I know how to achieve that. I suppose a lossless wireless audio transmitter/receiver would work easily, but I can avoid the cost and clutter involved, that'd be great. Lastly, I'm guessing that even if what I want is possible, latency issues with Ableton will appear and ruin my idea.. Any ideas warmly welcomed!
  5. I’m a newbie to digital audio, so I need some advice here about where to start with streaming dsd files. I have a pc with the software (Korg Audiogate, Roon etc), compatible with high-res files, but how do I stream them into my ‘analog’ system? my pc doesn't have a high-res audio card so obviously i need to transfer the 'dsd' file content and complete the conversion to analog - are there any 'single box' products that will do this? i've read a lot about dacs, media servers etc, and the range of products is out there is enormous but I’m on a limited budget so I want to get started with a minimal outlay for new hardware. Should I stream via Ethernet cable/USB cable or wireless? Is there a limit to USB cable distance (pc is 4-5 metres from audio equipment)? Does playback quality suffer with wireless streaming? I want to use the pc software as the 'front-end', so i can manage content/playlists etc.. any suggestions appreciated.
  6. I want to store all my music on a computer in my practice room. My CDs are ripped to WAV or FLAC. I also want to explore DSD and DXD and to be able to stream my music to my main stereo rig in the living room. That rig includes an Oppo BDP103 and a Squeezebox Touch which are connected to my home network via ethernet.n Oppo has told me that there products do not support DSD128 or DSD256. I don't believe the SBT supports them either. (Am I wrong about the SBT?) So I figured I'd just get a DAC that does support those formats, and connect the computer to the DAC instead of to the Oppo or SBT. Pretty much every DAC that will handle them does so thru a USB port. And therein lies the problem. I thought I'd just get a long USB cable, but I was told by Blue Jeans Cable that any USB cable over 15' will not work. Through online searches I've confirmed that limitation. Since I need something on the order of 30 feet, give or take, I'm kind of stuck on how to get this to work. I've already read how streaming large audio files can cause playback problems, and up until now I thought my system would insure against any such problems. But, you know, "the weakest link..." I've read about USB boosters, but those seem like they're for stuff like printers. Has anyone tried one to stream large audio files? If so, with what degree of success? Or does anyone have any other ideas about how to allow these files to stream over this distance?
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