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  1. A bit far-fetched I think, why don't you use a decent linear power supply
  2. May I be so free to ask a question? Can I use an S-Booster of 9 Volt on the Sonore Optical Module, because I am using it on a TP-Link MC220L and wish to replace it with the Sonore Optical Module. I read somewhere that the Module can get quite hot on the S-Booster Best regards, Fernand Lambert
  3. I had a squeezebox touch that was connected to a MF M1Dac So I am looking for a replacement for the squeezbox .. But .. maybe I can replace the M1Dac with M1Clic than I might have the streamer I’m looking for + the Dac in one unit. Another option for me is to leave my MF M1DAC as is and buy a Bluesound Node, but I find no comparison about the audio quality between these two possibilities The only thing I know is that the Bluesound (on ipad app) will give me Internet radio stations that cover image imparting played song or album Example: http://radioparadise.com/m3u/mp3-192.m3u Another thing is that cover-art coming from ripped flac files on Nas can be increased does anyone have experience with this
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