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Found 4 results

  1. I have 2 identical 15 inch Macbook Pros, the latest 2017 version. I tried to install a clean 10.13.4 on one of them, and then use Merging Hapi and its Ravenna driver with it. It does not work properly. I got a few second distortion in every 1, 2 minutes when playing from iTunes and no sound at all from Roon. The other Macbook Pro is using 10.13.3 and it works without problem. Both Macbooks are exactly the same type, no other app is installed just the standard OS install and Roon. So I think it is the problem of 1013.4.
  2. Ciamara DAC and Digital Music Player offerings With people's ever growing digital music collections and a number of high-quality streaming services options such as Tidal and Spotify now available, we understand the vital role a DAC plays in your system. That is why we offer a wide range of DACs and digital music players at a variety of price points. Our experts are available to not only provide personalized, industry leading customer service, but make it fun and simple to find the DAC or component that is the right fit for you. Check out our selection here and here
  3. NADAC - Network Attached Digital to Analogue Converter "It's the best that I've heard in DSD and high-resolution PCM/DXD DACs to date. Period." - David Robinson Positive Feedback (August 2015) Advanced technology developed for F1 racing has dramatically benefited every modern car. Similarly, benefits gained from years of developing cutting-edge products for the professional recording community can be made available to the discerning audiophile. The NADAC is not unique because of the components it uses, but in the care with which it was designed and the experience behind it. By introducing RAVENNA networking to the home, we not only remove traditional limitations, we totally transform the performance we can deliver. NADAC is offered in two versions: For the stereo version, the 8 channels of the ESS Sabre ES9008S Reference D/A converter are merged into 2 for improved linearity, greater dynamic range and a lower noise floor. The 8 channel version can be set at any time to operate in 8 discrete channel mode, or stereo mode to enjoy the same advantages of merging 8 into to 2 channels as the stereo version . NO-COMPROMISE HEADPHONE OUTPUTS Both versions have separate headphone outputs using the same method of combining the channels for uncompromised DSD/DXD listening on your favorite headphones. Ravenna IP Network Technology This open and published IP network technology had been created to meet the demands of national broadcasters and focused on essential requirements of extremely accurate clocking, high resistance to packet loss and very low latency. Initially it did not encompass high PCM sampling rates and certainly not DSD. However, it was not difficult to make changes to allow that, so Merging worked closely with the developers to make sure that sufficient channels at up to DSD256 could be handled with an accuracy that exceeded anything previously available. It remains the only logical choice for the professional and the audiophile and is now available in NADAC. The added bonus to using an advanced networking solution is being able to send and receive control information as well as audio data. This opened up exciting possibilities in the studio and now you can enjoy these same benefits in your own home. COMPATIBILITY The RAVENNA protocol comes with absolutely standard drivers for any computer operating system. ASIO for Windows, CoreAudio with DoP support for MacOS. As easily installed and configured as any other driver for USB or Firewire, the NADAC-RAVENNA driver allows use of any application of your choice to playback your music files, Emotion, JRiver, Audirvana, iTunes, etc... as well as any music server or streamer able to communicate through those standard ASIO or CoreAudio drivers. PEER TO PEER CONNECTION TO A COMPUTER OR SERVER Just plug a cat5e or cat6 cable between the NADAC and any computer, music server or streamer and send audio to the NADAC from your favorite application through the standard ASIO or CoreAudio driver. As soon as the playback application is running on the computer it will appear in the NADAC source selection menu, exactly like any internal digital input. Select it... et voilà! MULTIPLE NETWORK SOURCES Any computer, music server or streamer connected to the network can be selected as an audio source for the NADAC. Any playback application running on any of the computers will appear in the NADAC source selection menu, exactly like any internal digital input. A different source can even be selected for the main NADAC output and the headphone. As above all sources can be from different application, different operating system, different computer type. MULTI-ZONE Multiple NADAC can coexist on the network and can listen to the same source. Just select the same source on the front panel menu and you easily integrate a multi-zone system. Each NADAC can however be independently remotely controlled with a different volume control. iOS APP This product qualifies for Free Shipping and 10% back in points when you register for Club Ciamara Membership Rewards Program 1.844.CIAMARA (1.844.242.6272) High End Audio Store NYC - Experience Ciamara
  4. From iTunes 12 on I'm having continuous problems with sorting data: albums, artists. I have stuck with 12.3.1 for a while as this versions seemed least buggy. Hoping the problem would have finally been solved with 12.4.1 I updated. My mistake, the problem is still there and I can't go back to 12.3.1. My question is: am I the only one with this problem? I don't read much about it. I have added a few new Bowie music tracks and one video to my library and voila the result. In previous versions, if you tried long enough remaining albums, artists, album artists, whatever, eventually maybe the album sorted OK. I now have tried everything and I'm stuck with a lot of David Bowies. Also note Tin Machine in a strange sort order. This is because I had sorted this as Bowie, David some time ago. Changing it back to Tin Machine does nothing! Setup: - iTunes library on external drive, ignore ownership setting - no Apple Music If anyone could help out with a permanent workaround (I've given up on a fix), please help!
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