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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried PP v2, Jcat Femto lately but other cards earlier, in an HP z6 workstation, my own ASUS P10-W / Xeon 1235L CPU and only windows 10 yet, not Linux of any kind. It just does not work in any combination unfortunately not even with 44,1k/16 bit.
  2. I was trying to get my Holo Spring 2 KTE to work with all sorts of audio optimized USB cards in different PCs using simple Win10 operating system. I just could not get it work. The OS and apps can see the Holo, can switch the sampling rate, but when the playback is started the ASIO initialization fails. Using all sorts of applications, like Roon, Hqplayer, Jplay Femto, etc. The Singer SU-1 works like charm I the same PCS and with same audiophile USB cards and I can feed to Holo through its I2S port but the Holo does not work with its USB connection. I tried batteries, dual head cables, USB filtering, all the different PCIe slots, different cables, power supplies, internal Molex and external LPS, but nothing helped. It was mentioned by Magna Hifi that there is probably an issue with the XMOS U216 chip which is used by the Holo Spring 2. Any advise would be great.
  3. ferenc

    HQ Player

    Good idea,, thx, I tried it with a 128 GB USB stick, worked properly, but will try it with something bigger.
  4. ferenc

    HQ Player

    Tried with the 5V battery supply and did not work. Then I connected the PP v2 USB card to the internal power supply and it did not work either. So now I am quite sure there is something really fishy between the Holo Audio Spring 2 and the PP v2 card. Something very strange.
  5. ferenc

    HQ Player

    This is what I do generally. I got the PP card from a friend and just trying to use it. But I really hate these kind of "phantom" install, driver, etc problems and usually try to find a solution, it is my blood somehow.
  6. ferenc

    HQ Player

    I tried to connect the Holo to the PP USB card directly, and with iFi iUSB3 power supply too, using single and a dual head USB cable. Made no difference. Reinstalled the Holo driver, put the card to different slot, but no change. If I use a Sonnet USB C card it works. I really do not think there is no way to get it work. My last hope the battery power supply for the dual head usb cable. I am just charging it. Then I need to contact the manufacturer of the PP card, I think. It is strange, as the Holo changes its sample rate according to the played file, but no sound. Strange.
  7. ferenc

    HQ Player

    Thanks for the note. Everything connected to the same Audioquest Niagara 1000 mains distributor. The set top box I am using connects to the Ethernet switch through a media converter and fibre, so I tried to do everything I can, to avoid any ground current problems. Would you be so kind to check the screenshot I attached about the the (NAA) ASIO initialization problem?
  8. ferenc

    HQ Player

    Interesting. I tried all sorts of USB cables, USB2 (Wireworld Platinum in 2 different lengths, a standard pc usb too). Even a dual head KingRex as well. It has a battery option it is true, did not try it yet, need to charge and I will try it again, good idea. The PP v2 USB card is externally powered from an 5V, 3A linear power supply and a 4-pin Molex connector. Would be interesting if it would help.
  9. ferenc

    HQ Player

    I am sorry to get an NAA error here. I try to use a Holo Spring 2 from a Paul Pang v USB card in an HP z6 workstation. It does not work, I get this error in NAA for example using ASIO: If I connect the Spring2 to the motherboard USB it just works. If I connect a Singer SU-1 to the PP USB card it works too. Only the Holo Audio does not work from the PP USB card. Any suggestion? Many thanks.
  10. I am just trying Hqplayer on a HP z6 with 10 core Xeon, 2.2 Ghz 4112 Intel CPU workstation with GTX1050. I can not do DSD1024 reliably from PCM 44,1k with any of the settings. The GTX1050 does not seem to help the conversion.
  11. This is quite a bit an endorsement for @Miska . He deserves it.
  12. Actually I am back at 0.4.59, works like charm, completed all the upgrades one or another. Listening with Roon Ready at the moment. Thanks for all the help, it was really great.
  13. Now I am back at 0.4.22. The Etcher helped me to get 0.4.22 work again. Now I am doing the upgrades. The SD card with 0.4.59 just does not work, even with Etcher written. Strange.
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