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  1. Sure. Thanks. Our next recording event is in about a week from now on. I will let you know how it went.
  2. Thanks for asking. We were thinking of releasing this recording on a tape, but there was a technical problem, so we did not do it. However, the next event (which is a cool jazz quartet live studio concert) will be recorded and probably released on tape after some editing. We will use complete Wireworld Micro-Platinum OCC silver cables for all the analogue mic feeds and just ordered unique decoupling bases from bfly-Audio, called Stoneline from the next event.
  3. It is available now: https://www.nativedsd.com/albums/MRC1901-goldbergvariationen
  4. It seems our recordings will be available at nativedsd.com.
  5. The reinstall helped. It runs again properly. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. Thanks I will try it when back at my desk.
  7. Thx for the suggestion. I tried it but did not help unfortunately.
  8. While I was trying to upgrade to the latest Kernel two days ago, it seems I lost my two Ethernet ports. The upgrade was extremely slow, it has taken more than 8 hours with no end and I switched my PC off. Since rebooting I could not use the Ethernet ports, none if the two I have. tried to reboot it normal and fallback mode but no success. Any suggestion for a quick solution? I am using the PC only as NAA and Roon Bridge. No internal storage at all, only booting from a USB 3.1 64 GB stick. Many thanks.
  9. Thanks Tom, it was definitely educational for the attendees, for the studio and artist as well. At the end everybody enjoyed it, and waiting for the next similar event. I have all sorts of more plans for similar events in the future. Making recordings should be more personal this way for the listeners and the music makers too and it is important.
  10. The first event of My Reel Club took place last Saturday night, where visitors could experience a live studio concert in Super Size Studio, Budapest in a very intimate way. A few days later they will get a DSD256 (and lower bitrate PCM, DSD formats) recording and a high-speed tape in its purest, most faithful form. We appreciate Merging Technologies and the local Merging distributor Studio General for letting us to use their new Anubis and Hapi A/D, D/A converters, and Gabor Szendrő who provided a PYRAMIX 12 audio recording workstation with linear power supply and another Merging Hapi with high-end linear power supply. Power cables, distribution, line-level cables for the Mic preamps and the D/A converter were Wireworld Platinum OCC silver pro cables, the recording PC and the converters were used on IsoAcoustics small desktop stands. We are happy to announce that Signalyst’s HQ Player Pro software will be used for the highest potential quality conversion. It was an event to remember. Mr. Laszlo Borbely, who played wonderfully the Goldberg variations fuelled by emotions, expressed he had enjoyed the event too. You can watch the last 5 minutes of the event on youtube. (with the built-in mic of an iPhone): https://youtu.be/BXldGjyphrU
  11. I know based on my 40 years of being audiophile and spending decades in pro audio, pro video and PA, that most of the hifi lovers have no experience and do not know how recordings are actually made. A year ago I organized studio meetings where hifi and music lovers could meet with internationally well known sound engineers in their studios and discuss how recordings are made. These meetings were very popular, always completely sold out (free of charge) and I understood there is a serious interest being at the recording session, sound check and rehearsal and getting the pure native recordings and the mastered files as well, in the available highest resolution and discussing the recording process with the engineers and artists. So we invented My Reel Club with few friends. It may take years or even decades and cost a fortune, a lot of energy to build a high-end audio system for home music reproduction. The reason for the lengthy process is not only to learn about our music perception but the lack of authentic reference recordings. If we do not know how the recording was made and how the live music sounded, we will not have the memory of the masterpiece. Most of the modern audio recordings are optimized unfortunately for various music listening environments including noisy mobile devices. Such as the dynamics, the tonal balance and voicing balance is compromised, these are often dumbed down for mobile environments.Using even the better recordings for evaluating our equipment choices we may have been misguided.The „My Reel Club” community will give a unique possibility to all demanding music listeners to make reference recordings: they can be present when miracles occur, they can be part of the rehearsal, mixing, even the post-production. There will be memories of the real event this way.Soon you can make, experience your own reference recordings.The first live studio recording event will be end of this month, a piano recording of the Goldberg Variations (25 seats available and practically sold out) in Budapest this Saturday and all the guests will get the native DSD256 files (or lower rate DSD and PCM files) and if they need, they can have a high speed tape as well. I am absolutely sure it will be a really educational event for those, whom never did a recording and never experienced a recording session in the studio and willing to understand how a recording process works. We will use vintage analog electronics and one of the best known pro audio manufacturers supports us with A/D converters. We will have an UHD video available of the first event. Soon there will be a home page with more information. We will try to build a community, a kind of "franchise" with studios, musicians and hifi lovers worldwide. We are not alone, there is a very similar project in Switzerland I learned today. It is called Staright2tape™ by 2inch Records. We started to discuss a cooperation. I hope other studios will feel it as exciting as we do and join at a later stage
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