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Linux: CD ripper / music player: has a point been made?


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Hi everyone,


I am wondering if you have a recommended software solution for audio listening on Linux (as good as the well known setups for WIN and MAC well described in this forum).


Let's start with the CD ripper:

I found out that Rubyripper is being considered the Linux EAC equivalent:




Any comments on this?


And as player?

Is Audacity as good as the WIN/MAC solutions?


And finally, what do you know about re-processing/re-sampling in Linux?

Does the system allow a bit transparency approach?

A Linux based system called eAR apparently focused on media reproduction came out ( http://www.earos.dk/ ), could this be better than other distributions in your opinion?


Thank you for your inputs: I am now getting into Linux on a dual-boot system and I am curious to find out what Linux can offer on the audio side :)


Kind regards,



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Thank you Chris for your feedback.

I agree with you that Linux has the greatest potential, and at the same time sad that to know that the quality offer is not as good as for WIN and MAC.

And what about that eAR system I talked about? Have you had any direct experience with it?


Kind regards,




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