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What Type of Music Source?

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Hey guys I am curious to know what type of music source everyone prefers. I know many CA members have built or are in the process of building Mac based music servers, but there are other options out there. Also, please keep in mind the newer transport type devices from Hovland, Resolution Audio, and PS Audio. If money wasn't an object what would you use as your music source? McIntosh MS750, Sooloos, Mac, PC, Hovland? Maybe you would use more than one type for different purposes. I think all of us are interested to read what others are thinking and also several manufacturers really want to know what we want. post away...


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While I should be considered to be on the 'tail' of the pareto chart (read: lunatic fringe) for this because of being a wanna-be professional 'digital content creator' and am a semi-adept musician as well as already being a lifelong 'audiophile' aspirant, and THEN attempting to put it all together into one package, my ideal system would look something like this:


- OS X SERVER data center

- SAN-based storage

- MacBookPro satellite for the listening room and to take 'on the road'

- iPhone or iPodTouch remote to give the MBP some rest

- Multi-channel Firewire A/D/A converter that can be daisy-chained with others in order to add more channels

- Fine phono equipment - I think I am going to keep the vinyl.....

- Switching to allow either mixing boards in the loop or direct connection to the amplification (analog shielded @ +4 dbu)

- Solid state road-worthy amplification for live 'take out' power / Tube amplification for that sweet home sound

- Road-worthy horn speakers for the main loudspeakers - I'm a bit more easygoing with regards to the satellite speakers


HEY, I'm almost there! ...and yet there are miles and miles to go...



"I've got a googlephonic stereo with a moon rock stylus. Sounds like SH*T!" - steve martin






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I think in a perfect world I would have two different systems. One would be the Sooloos system because it is so dang easy and it gets people listening to music who wouldn't normally listen.


The second would be a Mac Mini based system with a solid state internal drive and either NAS or SAN external disk in another room. But, I would also include a product like Hovland's music source because it has a really great DAC on par with dcs systems. The Hovland will connect to a Mac Mini based system and look great in your rack. It also supports USB and S/PDIF as of right now. By the time it comes out it may have additional functionality. Plus it runs linux which makes the possibilities limitless and is great for upgradability.


For right now I don't see myself using an all in one music server that has the DAC and disk internal to one unit. Maybe this will change when I find the right device.


Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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