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Pure Music 1.83

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Does anybody know the differences between this new version and v. 1.82?


Vinyl: Rega P3-24 (a red one), Rega Exact, Mistral phono preamp, Kimber Hero WBT - Server: Mac Mini 2.66 Core2 Duo, 8GB addressable RAM, Lion 10.7.4, iTunes 10.6.3, Pure Music 1.86, Halide Bridge, Rega DAC, Kimber Hero WBT, Denon AVR-2807, pre-out to Theta Dreadnaught, Kimber 8TC, Linn Majik Isobariks "Passive Bi-Amped" and Linn Ekwalls for surround

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• Option to automatically set the Channel D PAD as the output device for playthrough (don’t have to

set manually in AMS) and restore previous device when quitting

• Remembers state of Playthrough across launches

• Pure Music can play “flat” vinyl recordings / track bookmarks made with Pure Vinyl (and automatically

apply the RIAA correction curve)

• New option to “whitelist” a DAC as supporting streaming DSD (using dCS protocol)

• Support for 128Fs streaming DSD using dCS protocol (DAC also must support 352.8 kHz)

• Option for “Scheme 2” DSD alternating flag byte as proposed by ad-hoc DSD working group

• Corrected problem causing 128Fs .dff track bookmarks to have the wrong duration

• Corrected problem causing Add FLAC to skip folders when more than one individual folder is

dragged (no previous issues with folders that were enclosed in folders)

• Change tag label in proxy files from Pure Music Compressed Bookmark to Pure Music Bookmark

• Keep PAD from showing up in output device menu

• Show installed PAD version in Audio Setup preferences

• Hide "Info" in Playthrough Mode

• Check to see if the default device is the Channel D PAD; if not, don't enable playthrough

• No longer ignores spacebar key presses for Advanced Audio window

• PM now downsamples FLAC if the audio device doesn’t natively support the file sample rate

• Eliminated possible freezing issue caused when playing a bookmark track and the original FLAC or

DSD track couldn’t be located because the file was moved after performing Add.. operation

• Can re-generate bookmarks by holding down the option key on the keyboard while dropping items

in the Add... window

• Eliminated issue preventing Mute for individual output buses from working on buses 2, 3, and 4

• Eliminated noises between tracks when playing FLAC if the sample rate was changed

• Recognizes nonstandard uppercase .FLAC file extension as being equivalent to .flac



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Search is your friend




The PDF manual that Rob includes in EVERY release has a change log. Read it. It's very worthwhile.


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