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A primer for those who aren't quite sure what to look for

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I have tried to look through the forum for info and there is some good stuff. However, I would like to see a sticky on what someone should look for with regards to their type of system, speakers, amp ect...


Such a post will delve allow a reader to pick a dac based on their gear. For example the sticky would inform us what the better software would be (not just by opinion either) what kind of dac one should look for if their system consists of certain type of components.


I guess a more specific example would be this (and I will use my own setup for this example. I run iTunes off my computer through my factory sound card and into my receiver, a Harmon Kardon vxi to a set of Kef Q speakers.


The post should be able to give me an Idea what to look for (i hope lol)


Anyways just a though folks, Cheers!




PC Windows XP Pro, Harman/Kardon PM640 Vxi, KEF Q60 (circa 1995)

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