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Sound quality of Windows 7 + JPlay via Bootcamp on Apple Computer?


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Will I get good sound quality using Windows 7 and JPlay through Bootcamp on my Macbook Pro? In other words, will the sound quality be as good as it would be on a PC? I'm curious to try this but figured I should ask before I drop $100+ on Windows 7. Related question: is Windows 7 my best bet or should I consider Windows XP, etc. instead?


My Macbook Pro is a 2011 model with an I7 quadcore 2 Ghz processor and 8 Gb of memory


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Hi Greg,



It will work the same as on PC. Macs are no different from computers since Apple decided to switch from IBM (PowerPC) to Intel CPUs (x86). Make sure to install Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or if you don't feel like spending cash on a new OS, you may download the latest Windows 8 developer preview for free, directly from Microsoft. It works flawless with jplay and the sound is a notch better than on W7.





JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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