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  1. Dumb question but I want to simplify my system by putting my modest (76 GB) music library onto the internal hard drive of my Macbook Pro. How do I do this? Do I use "duplicate" or "copy" on the external hard drive? And how do I get that copy / duplicate into the /Users/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media folder? Or should I just put it into a blank folder on the desk top and then make that folder the iTunes media folder? This is my first Apple and this is definitely an instance where it's totally different than a PC.
  2. I have my modest music collection (76 GB) on an external bus powered hard drive. The SSD internal hard drive in my Macbook Pro is easily big enough to accomodate the 76 GB and would make things a lot simpler. As far as sound quality, do I really need external storage? My Macbook Pro is a 2011 model with 8 GB memory and a 2GHz I4 processor.
  3. I put an audio midi icon on the desktop of my Macbook Pro a while back when I owned a Wavelength Proton. Recently I decided to delete the icon (no longer needed). It asked for my password to delete it off the desktop. Now I can't find it. I assume I deleted it entirely? Is that possible? If so, do I really need it and how do I get it back?
  4. Recently "soundflower 2 channel" and "soundflower 16 channels" showed up as output options in Audio Midi, Pure Music, etc. I'm running the latest version of Snow Leopard. What are these and where did they come from?
  5. Aside from wgscott's remote hack for Decibel and Audirvana, are there any commerical apps that allow controlling Decibel with an Iphone? Decibel is apparently coming out with their own app soon according to their website (overdue, in fact) but I'm impatient. Here's wgscott's remote hack app: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Audirvana-Decibel-Remoteapp-64-bit-plug
  6. My Elite Pro Mini (500 GB / 5400 rpm) is silent as a mouse either bus powered or AC powered. So that guy got a rare bum unit. It happens. There is a failure rate (albeit small) for hard drives.
  7. From personal experience using an OWC Elite Pro Mini 500 GB, you'll have to try it both ways and see which sounds better. In my system (based on a Macbook Pro), I preferred it AC powered with the Hegel HD2 and HRT Musicstreamer 2+ but it sounds better now bus powered with a Wavelength Proton. I suspect the HD2 and 2+, being also bus powered, sucked too much juice from my Macbook Pro to likewise bus power the hard drive as well. The Proton uses a battery in addition to bus power so apparently it doesn't have as much current draw on the Macbook Pro, thereby making bus power for the hard drive a better proposition (since the AC adaptor is just a cheapo switching wallwart).
  8. What power conditioner are you using? I've never had much success with power conditioning. However, now that I'm using a computer frond end, the switching power supply noise (computer and external hard drive) has me wondering and willing to try some things out again.
  9. Will I get good sound quality using Windows 7 and JPlay through Bootcamp on my Macbook Pro? In other words, will the sound quality be as good as it would be on a PC (assuming correct optimization, etc.)? I'm curious to try this but figured I should ask before I drop close to $200 on Windows 7 and J Play. Related question: is Windows 7 my best bet or should I consider a different version of Windows like XP instead? My Macbook Pro is a 2011 model with an I7 quadcore 2 Ghz processor and 8 Gb of memory
  10. Will I get good sound quality using Windows 7 and JPlay through Bootcamp on my Macbook Pro? In other words, will the sound quality be as good as it would be on a PC? I'm curious to try this but figured I should ask before I drop $100+ on Windows 7. Related question: is Windows 7 my best bet or should I consider Windows XP, etc. instead? My Macbook Pro is a 2011 model with an I7 quadcore 2 Ghz processor and 8 Gb of memory
  11. Being new to computer audio, could I get some tricks on optimizing the Snow Leopard OS for best sound quality? I'm referring to things I should turn off like spotlight, power savings and so forth. I've done everything recommended by Pure Music but what else? Note that I've already installed an SSD and 8 Gb of memory.
  12. I (foolishly) installed Lion over Snow Leopard on my 2011 Macbook Pro when the free upgrade became available for download at Apple's App Store without waiting for feedback and opinions. I immediately noticed a sharper, brighter, more "hi fi" presentation with Lion. I deleted Lion and went back to Snow Leopard yesterday. This decision was made after posting to the forum for opinions and feedback yesterday as well. The A-B-A result: Snow Leopard is preferable for me. It's more laid back and natural sounding without detriment to resolution and pace. Resolution is actually subjectively better with Snow Leopard (e.g., longer decays, more ambient information, larger soundstage). This may be the result of Snow Leopard supporting integer- and Hog modes with my DAC (Wavelength Proton). One other (unrelated) thing I did notice with Snow Leopard is that it's very slightly slower and "clunkier" in operation than Lion
  13. In Lion's audio midi set up there is a built in audio input. What should the following settings be: 1. Format (from anywhere from 8k to 96k, I assume 96k is what I'd want? and 2ch-24bit Interger? 2. Hardware rate converter -- do I disable it or set it to automatic? My dac is a Wavelength Proton, which supports up to 96kHz. It is asynchronous. I'm using Pure Music and Itunes + Bit Perfect. My computer is a 2011 Macbook Pro.
  14. Which provides better sound quality with Pure Music and Itunes? Has anyone done the comparison? I foolishly upgraded immediately to Lion and I use Pure Music. I'm debating going back to Snow Leopard if it provides better sound quality.
  15. I recently assembled my first computer-based audio system. Following is a summary of observations and experiments for reference. Note: Most (but not all) of how I assembled this computer front end came from the Channel D Pure Music reference section here: http://www.channld.com/computeraudio.html (With special thanks to the Gordon Rankin and this Computer Audiophile website) In general I agree with all of the recommendations given by Channel D but a few I rejected during my experimentation, e.g., bus powering the external hard drive instead of using AC. The front end is comprised of: 2011 15" 2.0 GHz quadcore Macbook Pro, 8 GB RAM, OWC 120 GB SSD internal hard drive. All music is stored in AIFF format on two OWC 500 GB portable firewire hard drives (one being the back-up for the other). The DAC I settled on is the Wavelength Proton (more on this below). The rest of my system is a Rega Brio R integrated amplifier, Spendor S3/5R speakers and Sennheiser HD600 headphones (along with fairly fancy cables, although I consider them lesser players from experience). All of the equipment is on a Quadraspire Q4 Evo rack. 1) Pure Music definitely sounds better than Itunes. I also plan on trying Decibel, Audirvana and Fidelia at some point. I also downloaded Bit Perfect from the Apple website (it costs $5.00). Bit Perfect is an Itunes add-on like Pure Music that offers a lot of what Pure Music does (e.g., memory play). 2) Rips using the Macbook Pro's superdrive sound better than an rips using an external Pioneer optical drive even though error correction was enabled in both cases. 3) Powering the external hard drive via the optional AC wall wart sounds much better than bus powering it via firewire (and there isn't a penalty of additional noise, either). 4) The replacement internal SSD hard drive sounds MUCH better than the stock 500 GB HDD that came in the Macbook Pro. 5) Playing music stored on the stock internal HDD sounded equivalent to playing music from the external hard drive. I haven't compared playing music stored on the replacement internal SDD to the external hard drive yet. However, given the current price of large capacity SDD, this experiment isn't high on my priority list. 6) I tried 3 different USB DACs (Proton plus HRT Music Streamer 2+ and Hegel HD2). The Hegel HD2 was transparent but slightly fatiguing and austere. The HRT 2+, while somewhat veiled, was very natural, warm and musical. As expected, the Proton is definitely superior to the other two overall, especially in timing (the asynchronous aspect, I'm sure). I haven't had a chance to try the Proton's headphone output yet. 7) I didn't hear any worthwhile difference between USB cables (Audioquest Cinnamon, Wireworld Ultraviolet, Wireworld Starlight, Belkin). 8) The headphone amplifier in the Proton is good, even very good, at least on 300 ohm HD600. Gordon recommends AKG K701 / K702, which are 62 ohms. 300 ohms may be pushing it a bit since I have the volume up at the top 3/4 of maximum. The sound is a bit thinner and more delicate than when driven by a Schitt Asgard or Firestone Cute Beyond.
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