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  1. Has Anyone done a serious AB comparison between these two switches? Or the Ether Regen (which I own) versus any other *comparably priced* audiophile switch? What was the result?
  2. For those who own a BP DAC, does the USB or SPDIF input sound better? I asked BP and they've never compared them. Mine has both and I'm upgrading my server/renderer to an Aurender N100. Trying to decide if I go with one with just USB (H model) or another $600 for the SC model, which has both.
  3. Would this work acceptably between a reclocker and the etheregen? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076B61JWX/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?smid=A1KF3ITPY3ZC5Y&psc=1 I'm having a real hard time finding an SPDIF cable bnc to bnc with fast delivery ...
  4. What are the best USB cables you've heard under $500 USD? I'm running a 0.7m Phasure Lush^2 right now and I need a longer length. I'm tempted to buy their ^3 but curious to know what else I should consider
  5. A desired upgrade from an integrated amp to separates necessitates reducing the overall box count. Currently I have 5 boxes: Sonic Transporter I5 with Teddy Pardo PSU, Ether Regen, Optical Rendu with Sonore Audiophile PSU. I'd like to go to 2 boxes: the Fidelizer Nikola + Nimitra (maybe keep the Ether regen = 3 boxes) Will the sound quality suffer? Has anyone compared the Nimitra/Nikola versus even the Ultrarendu or Signature Rendu? I play music via Roon (Tidal streaming) or lossless stored on SSD inside the I5. I'd plop a thumb drive with the same music into the rear of the Nimitra and stream Tidal somehow through the Nimitra
  6. Domestic Harmony for a pending amplification upgrade necessitates reducing the overall box count. Currently I have: Sonic Transporter I5 with Teddy Pardo PSU, Ether Regen, Optical Rendu with Sonore Audiophile PSU. That's 5 boxes, kind of crazy. I'd like to go to the Fidelizer Nikola + Nimitra = 2 boxes Will the sound quality suffer? I play music via Roon (Tidal streaming) or lossless stored on SSD inside the I5. I'd plop a thumb drive with the same music into the rear of the Nimitra, done
  7. Apparently using a hospital / industrial grade isolation transformer is considered by many to be the best *cost effective* device for your AC. For those in the know, what brand, specs, etc. are recommended? I saw a big thread somewhere not long ago (here, I think) but I could never figure out what to buy as it rambled on and on ...
  8. I'm needing a rather specialized PSU as far as voltage and current. Could you let me know your sources for building one? I'm having a hard time finding builders ...
  9. kravi4ka: did you compare the Farad PSU versus Exogal's upgrade PSU for the Comet?
  10. I'm curious to know your thoughts on it. I've owned one now for about a year and I'm still ambivalent. Another question: have you tried a linear PSU with it?
  11. My front end is Sonore Sonic Transporter I5, SMS-200 Ultra and Uptone Ultraregen, all going into a Exogal Comet DAC. I use strictly Roon. I generally leave everything powered on. From one day to the next I'm constantly losing the SMS-200 "zone" in Roon. And then commences an eleborate turn this off, turn that off, turn this back on, etc. game until Roon finds the SMS-200 again Is there a way to make the SMS-200 quit going buggy all the time??? For example, always turn off the SMS-200 and Ultraregen? I've even burned new software images onto the SMS-200 SD card to no avail. I suspect the SMS-200 doesn't like the Ultraregen, but that's too bad because the Ultraregen does provide a sonic benefit ... This bugginess is driving me up the wall ...
  12. Dumb question but I want to simplify my system by putting my modest (76 GB) music library onto the internal hard drive of my Macbook Pro. How do I do this? Do I use "duplicate" or "copy" on the external hard drive? And how do I get that copy / duplicate into the /Users/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media folder? Or should I just put it into a blank folder on the desk top and then make that folder the iTunes media folder? This is my first Apple and this is definitely an instance where it's totally different than a PC.
  13. I have my modest music collection (76 GB) on an external bus powered hard drive. The SSD internal hard drive in my Macbook Pro is easily big enough to accomodate the 76 GB and would make things a lot simpler. As far as sound quality, do I really need external storage? My Macbook Pro is a 2011 model with 8 GB memory and a 2GHz I4 processor.
  14. I put an audio midi icon on the desktop of my Macbook Pro a while back when I owned a Wavelength Proton. Recently I decided to delete the icon (no longer needed). It asked for my password to delete it off the desktop. Now I can't find it. I assume I deleted it entirely? Is that possible? If so, do I really need it and how do I get it back?
  15. Recently "soundflower 2 channel" and "soundflower 16 channels" showed up as output options in Audio Midi, Pure Music, etc. I'm running the latest version of Snow Leopard. What are these and where did they come from?
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