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Clasisic Records DAD24/96 Rip


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Hi,I have a Problem to rip Classicrecords 24/96 with DVDAexplorer to Wave.The 24/192 DVD-A from Classicrecords run great ,not 24/96.I have Macbook Pro with OSX 10.5 and iTunes,Apogee DA-16X,Symphony and Maestro soft.Runs Great.Sorry for my English.




Andrejs Staltmanis[br]www.ultraudio.de

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Don´t mistake DAD for DVD-A.


DVDAexplorer is only for DVD-Audio. A DAD instead is nothing more than a normal DVD-Video with an additional HighDefinition part. This is even standardized within the DVD-Video standard. That is the reason why you can´t extract DAD with DVDAexplorer, because this software can´t handle DAD.


Look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD-Video#Audio_data


For extracting DAD is suggest http://www.castudio.org/dvdaudioextractor/index.php DVD-Audio extractor (don´t be confused by the name, because it can´t handle DVD-Audio, only the AUDIO from DVD-Video). Be sure to extract it in the native samplerate (24/96)


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