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This seems to be a real hot debate right now. Should I use USB or SPDIF out of my computer? I am guessing there is not a black and white answer to this. It seems some equipment offers benefits by using both (not at the same time of course) depending on what type of music you are listening to. In my opinion USB seems much easier and less prone to the jitter problems associated with SPDIF. Plus, if I use my MacBook Pro's SPDIF I need a mini toslink adapter which doesn't scream audiophile connection to me.


What is everyone else doing?


- Chris

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When I was taking a digital feed from my computer, I preferred SPDIF. But, honestly, it wasn't due to any A/B testing. In my warped mind it just seemed it was the better way to go. :-) Of course, I have heard wonderful USB DAC/amps and can be a terrific solution especially when using a laptop for a source.


EDIT: Totally forgot I am feeding a tri-path amp via USB in my living room. Sounds pretty darn good through my Swans speakers!


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I briefly tried a SPDIF minitoslink to toslink with an adapter and a cheap belkin cable. Didn't like it. I can try it with a better Toslink, but I bet the problem is the adapter.


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