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Thecus 4100 Pro

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A totally unfair question, and I shall say sorry right at the start, but can anyone out there recommend this Thecus?. I've seen a few reviews of the older 4100+ which were so so, and this later Pro model is supposed to be twice as fast. I want to store and stream both audio (iTunes) and video (including around 60 blu-ray DVD's).


I know the QNAP TS 409 has many fans, but I just wondered whether this Thecus is also up there.


Also, do I need to download TwonkyMedia in order for a NAS to become a media server?


Thanks and apologies in advance.


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Hi david - I'm not familiar with this specific Thecus model, but I do use the 5200B Pro and absolutely love it. Speed isn't that big of a deal because your limiting factor is usually the network speed. As long as you're not running an SQL database on the unit you'll be fine.


As far as TwonkyMedia goes, you may have to load it but the Thecus may also come with built-in UPnP and Media Server functionality.


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Thanks Chris for your feedback. The problem was that I could find no reviews for this model - only the older + version.


There was a degree of panic setting in - I had narrowed the search down to the Thecus (is the 'c' soft or hard?) and the QNAP TS 409 but then the exchange rate on this side of the pond has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. Tech prices have started to go UP! A lot of Far Eastern countries' currency is linked to, or shadows, the US Dollar. A dealer has been holding his prices on the Thecus so I have now placed my order (£370 inc tax and delivery). From my limited observation of the market, NAS drives have risen 10-15% so Hard Drives may follow.


The NAS is the next stage in this amazing tech journey I now find myself on. ADM 9.1's next week!!


Thanks again. Oh, before I go, have you checked out www.mpcclub.com? Came across it by accident a few days ago.






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