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Can i burn wav files to a dvd-r uncompressed using media monkey?


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Hi.Im trying back up files that ive already ripped to my hard drive(wav losseless)I have some spare dvd-r around and was wondering if i could burn the backup files to the dvd-r?I tried this yesterday but it converted the files to wma compressed.Is there any way around this or will i need to use cd-r.I hate to waste my dvd-r since i dont burn movies.Thanks for any help


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Hi,Chris.I was able to burn on the dvd-r as a data file by using nero.I was able to put six ripped cd's on the one dvd-r which is great.All the cd's were ripped with EAC,will i lose any thing using nero to burn .I tested after the burn and they sound great.Thanks Chris.


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