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Article: Apple Music Lossless Mess Part 2: AirPlay

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10 minutes ago, James lee said:

I don't see this noise in my last bit null tests on 16bit AM streams. I have seen spikes like this even in Qobuz and it seems to be either old tec errors that were missed back in the day or some other reason.


That was found in multiple Apple Music streams, from lossless to hi-res when compared to the original track. The signal at around 20Hz was certainly not there in the original, but was introduced by Apple, intentionally or unintentionally. I know of no good reason to modulate music at around that frequency by modifying the least significant bit, other than trying to encode something in the music that's below perception and not easily detected.

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32 minutes ago, Jud said:


That would all be fine if Apple wasn't selling the service as high resolution music, implying it's better.


Chris isn't saying we've all got golden ears, he's asking for truth in advertising.

I’m not sure that Apple is lying. They provide high resolution music that’s at higher sampling rate than the CD and with more than 16 bits. They provide up to 23 bits out of 24 based on my testing. While it’s not bit-perfect, it is certainly high resolution and not lossy-compressed… at least up to 23 bits.

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