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Bookshelf design for built in speakers

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Hi everyone,


I am currently designing an audio room in my house and looking for help to select some great speakers that could be built in to to a bookshelf without compromising the sound. I would like to design custom cabinet/wall unit to house records and speakers and give it a cohesive look. Similar to the images below. 


This is the look I was going for, the speakers won't be that large but could be close. 


Any suggestions or guidance would be very much appreciated.  What type of speaker am I looking for? and what would be great for driving them? I am a novice in this field but really enjoy my listening time.








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Plenty of bookshelf speakers but when you put something against the wall, it screws up your bass response. I would suggest that you get a 3 way system,

bookshelf speakers + subwoofer. Speakers are very much a personal taste choice, one mans meat is another mans poison. SVS is very popular for sub woofers





Audio system

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Flush mounting, by "building" the speakers into a wall is a well known way of improving bass performance in a room. You are effectively focusing the speaker on a "halfspace" environment.  This will increase bass response typically by at least 3dB.   This is the trick used by studios when they sink speakers into soffits and seal them to the wall.   You need a speaker with square edges to make it work best but it can work with radius edges.   AS the ATC importer to the US, I have many studios around the US using ATC's this way. Studios in the past almost always used this method to mount their large "bigs" in the wall while the small mix monitors sat on the console "Meter bridge".  


ATC makes an entire range of square edge flush mount speakers for studios.  In addition, ATC makes a speaker range called HTS in their consumer range that "hangs" on wall.  They can be integrated into a bookshelf pretty easily.   Here's what those look like: Lone Mountain Audio » HTS7  The benefit of these is the weight is hanging on the wall, not your bookshelves.  I use HTS40, the same driver compliment as floor standers for my home theater.  If you have someone build a soffit to hold them, you can effectively do the same trick as a studio.  If you use traditional bookshelf type speakers, you can set them on the shelf of a bookshelf but they will not act like the speakers in your photo.  






Brad Lunde

www.LoneMountainAudio.com (High End Consumer Importer to the Trade) and www.TransAudioGroup.com (High End Pro Audio Importer to the Trade)

Brands we import to the US are ATC, Tube Tech, Drawmer, MUTEC, Bettermaker 

Brands from the US we distribute are A Designs, Auratone, Daking, LatchLake and Mojave   


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