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Genelec 6010A

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Hi everyone,


Has anyone tried the Genelec 6010A in their computer rigs? http://www.genelec.com/firststep/ At first glance, it looks like a very well designed product, considering Genelec quality and reputation. Any reviews?









I contacted the distributor in Montréal, SFM marketing, and according to the rep., these little gems sell for 330$ Can. EACH. I wonder how they sound.


To be continued...


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Have been around since 1978 in the pro-audio field. Their 8130A is similar to AVI's little baby in that it's an active system complete with digital and analogue inputs. I haven't heard them but I get the UK-based Canford pro-audio catalogue every year and it's always interesting to see where things are heading in the pro environment.




Their DSP monitoring pages have some interesting articles (it's on the tutorials link at the foot of the page)




and there is a guide in their 'learning centre' which gives room sizes and suitability. It is all pro-audio/monitoring room based but an interesting reality check which might relate to some home environments. If I didn't didn't build my own speakers, they would definitely be on the must-hear list (along with the ADM 9.1s, of course).


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I have personally heard the 6010A line and their big brothers the 8040A, and 1030A series. Genelec makes great speakers. I have always steered away from metal tweeters, preferring soft dome and ribbons as I am quite sensitive to brightness & high frequency harshness; but Genelec monitors are very pleasing to my ear even with their aluminum tweeters which says something. They have a lively, transparent sound. The midrange neutral, bass is tight and punchy with tweeters that provide a smooth yet realistic top end (i.e. a cymbal crash sounds like a cymbal) although not muted by any means. They have the ability to get loud without distorting. I highly recommend them and would own them If could afford the larger models as they are in the $3,000 to $5,000 range. In my opinion they blow away any offering from Logitech or Klipsch I have heard although those are in a lower price range. I think you'll be hard pressed to find a better monitor of that size without getting into DIY projects.


david is hear[br]http://www.tuniverse.tv

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