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Curious Cables - 200mm USB Regen Link

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Curious Cables - 200mm USB Regen Link

Curious Cables - 200mm USB Regen Link, type A plug to type B plug.  Lightly used in original box.  $55 each or $100 for both, including shipping and PayPal fees.  US continental sale only.


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    55.00 USD
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SB88200 cable modem,  EdgeRouterX SFP router,  2 series PFU Buffalo BS-GS2016 switches w/ SR7T LPS and Finisar FTLX1475D3BTL SFPs,  JCAT NET CARD XE w/ JCAT Optimo 3 Duo LPS;  DIY Takio Extreme w/ Takio  DC-ATX, and Nenon design Level 3 supply;  Denafrips GAIA DDC w/ Revelation Audio Prophecy Cryro Silver I2S connection to Denafrips Terminator Plus DAC;  modified Pass Labs XP22 preamp,  Pass X600.8 monoblocks,  restored and modified Sound Lab M-1 electrostats with hot rod backplates

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