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Google DNS vs Cloudflare DNS for Tidal Qobuz

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In the last few days I've been diagnosing a Tidal issue with a user in Romania.  With Google DNS, Tidal works for his home setup and work setup.  With Cloudflare DNS, Tidal at home is slow (takes more than 10 seconds for a seek) but it's normal at work.  Of course his home ISP and work ISP are different.


We went through changes from Google DNS -> Cloudflare DNS -> Google DNS -> Cloudflare DNS -> Google DNS, and tested more than one hardware units.  The result is 100% consistent, i.e. the problem 100% occurs with Cloudflare DNS, and 100% works well with Google DNS.


Anyone has any insights to share about this, or what could possibly go wrong with his home ISP, or what he should tell his home ISP?


P.S. I've read a competitor streamer support post that recommends Google DNS for US, and Cloudflare DNS for Europe.

Peter Lie

LUMIN Firmware Lead

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If I might make make a suggestion - utilize something like Pingplotter as that can actually graph and list out where your problems are. This way you can test the different DNS servers. 



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Cables - Tara Labs RSC Reference and Blue Jean Cable Balanced Interconnects

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