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For Sale: Mega Rare Denon POA-A1HD 10 channel Monoblock Amplifier & AVP-A1HD Processor


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This is Mega Mega Mega Rare, you will most likely not have another chance to buy these again.   

This is Denon's Unicorn, a once in a lifetime build that will never happen again. On the East Hemisphere you hardly never see these up for sale as they were very rare and highly coveted.   In the United States, you will probably never have the chance to buy another pair of these beauties.  (These Were imported from the UK)



Denon POA-A1HD Amplifier

Denon AVP-A1HD Processor

Original Calibration Mic

Both Original Remotes

Power Cables

5 high quality XLR connection cables

5000w power converter/stepdown since they are 220/230w and most people don't have 220 in there media room



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