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Like New ProAc Tablette 10 - Cherry Finish

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Like New ProAc Tablette 10 - Cherry Finish

ProAc Tablette 10 Speaker Pair in Cherry. Purchased new from authorized US ProAc dealer in April 2020. Speakers are in mint/new condition, not a scratch, nick, or ding anywhere to be found. Warranty card still not filled out. They have been used for not more than 10 hours so still not broken in. We relocated to California and the new house has a much larger home theater room - ended up purchasing ProAc Response DT8. The Tablette 10 are still in their original box and packaging.

These speaker need no introduction. These are excellent nearfield listening speakers. Same thin walled, heavy damped, infinite baffle enclosed design similar to the BBC LS3/5a design. British design - warm and detailed. Very dynamic and musical. ProAc is forgiving as they are not that fussy with placement. Also compatible with all music genres. Wonderful life like vocals, warm, mature and relaxed sound.Sweet highs and wonderful lows. Sings with Tubes or SS/tube combo. 

Buyer pays for shipping. Will be double boxed. Shipped continental US.


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