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Julian Bream (1933-2020)

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Wonderful lute and classical guitarist dead at age 87.

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8 hours ago, botrytis said:

Wonderful lute and classical guitarist dead at age 87.

Indeed he was - and he was an inspiration to many young guitarists & lutenists, including me.  But what always fascinated me the most about him was that (unlike most of us), he began playing jazz as a child and moved to classical guitar and lute as he progressed.  Many (if not most) jazz players on most instruments were taught classical music as children and later “escaped” as they got older.

He was especially adept at adapting and playing music written for other instruments on classical guitar, making each piece sound as though it had been written for him and his instrument.  If you liked his playing, find music by Eliot Fisk.  

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