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Article: Audio Recording Primer Part 1: Commercial Recording Quality

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32 minutes ago, John Yow said:

Not sure why Naxos is considered a "audiophile" label.  Naxos has always been a budget label with no emphasis on the performers unlike the other labels.


it is kind of like a "generic drug" version of classical label.  Focusing on to repertoire rather then the star power of the performers.  It's principal is to broaden the discovery of new and less known music, and mostly avoid duplication of repertoire.


I had the pleasure of meeting Klaus Heymann many years ago, he is true music lover.        

I've been impressed by both the content selection and recording quality of Naxos recordings. 

NUC10i7 + Roon ROCK > dCS Rossini APEX DAC + dCS Rossini Master Clock 

SME 20/3 + SME V + Dynavector XV-1s or ANUK IO Gold > vdH The Grail or Kondo KSL-SFz + ANK L3 Phono 

Audio Note Kondo Ongaku > Avantgarde Duo Mezzo

Signal cables: Kondo Silver, Crystal Cable phono

Power cables: Kondo, Shunyata, van den Hul

system pics

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