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  1. Good question. If he replies with his habitual deflections then I wouldn't consider that an answer, more of a response. So to constitute an answer to a question it must be words which have direct correspondence to the question. So I guess its both/and - the words he writes and their interpretation is corresponding to the question asked.
  2. Sound is a percept, created in the brain based largely on vibrations picked up by the tympanic membranes. But better re-phrase my question not to use the word. So here it is again Do you agree that what you hear changes depending on whether you look or not?
  3. Back to McGurk - do you agree the sound changes depending on whether you look or not?
  4. Where's the backtrack? I agree I said (and still say) that the sound of the hearing aids changed. The vibrations didn't change but the sound did.
  5. I was talking about with your eyes open. Do you agree the sound changes when you look?
  6. You hear sound which the brain based on the vibration wave in the air. We agree that the vibrations do not change, but the sound does (i.e. what's presented to awareness).
  7. Given this then the vibration must change when the visual stimulus changes in the McGurk effect. You agree the sound changes do you?
  8. The question has the same legitimacy as 'When did you stop beating your wife?'.
  9. This statement is in error so I'll try to educate you a little. The hearing aids don't produce sound directly, what they do is produce vibrations in the auditory canal. Its the brain that produces sound, based on vibrations as sensory input. In creating sound the brain takes input not just from the ears (the McGurk effect is evidence of this - what we see changes what we hear). Expectation bias is one of the inputs into the process of creating sound.
  10. Your rationalisations for your evident cognitive bias are a constant source of entertainment. WTG!
  11. I'll await @mansr to part the waters of the Red Sea and drown this one.
  12. Yeah they only want the talking points they want, that much is clear 😛
  13. Here the measurements did tell the story - they scored (a measurement) higher.
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