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  1. Common-mode noise is very unlikely to show up on a differential-mode measurement. Unless in the circuit is a mechanism for CM to DM conversion or the AP lacks decent CM rejection (it doesn't).
  2. In the case of an IMD test, then yes its distortion because the number of discrete tones is relatively low. But in the case of music as a stimulus (not all kinds of music, girl-with-a-guitar won't count) then the 'distortion' is actually noise-like due to the 'tones' running into the hundreds if not thousands. You can read some technical background to this here : https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/58733-which-is-the-threshold-for-audible-thd-in-for-untrained-audiophiles/?do=findComment&comment=1037344
  3. Indeed so. As does 'I think we can do without moronic.... blah blah blah'.
  4. Its a distraction to 'question the validity of GO's experiment' without noting what the purpose of the experiment was. At no point does he acknowledge what GO's intent was - this is the gorilla in the room. So JA's comments are all rather moot. Wouldn't fairness at least listen to what GO's declared intentions were before weighing in and claiming 'unfairness'? The true 'missed opportunity' here is JA acknowledging that the experiment returned a result contrary to MQA's claim.
  5. I'm feeling a new strapline coming on - 'MQA - its bull-shattering good!'
  6. Sure, this was after you offered to post the call. So perhaps as he's continuing the slur you'd do better to post it to clear the air?
  7. I see he recently made the accusation that you 'spun' the phone call you recorded with his mod. Also as he repeatedly refers to you as 'blogger' I take it that's a pejorative. Reason being - when mansr asked Amir 'what does that make you?' after he used the term, he got slapped with a thread ban.
  8. Yes there's a concerted effort to distract from the declared intentions of @GoldenOne in making the video in the first place.
  9. But its been amended now to 'better than shatterproof'. So when bull contacts the china, its the bull that gets shattered?
  10. @Jim Austin How is your closing analogy supposed to work in the real world? You think all bulls should be kept in fields with strong fences around them? How does this apply to @GoldenOne in practice? You want china shops to have more effective security?
  11. The relevant issue isn't whether you perceive what he's written as offensive, its whether the words are in accord with reality. After all, this is in 'objective fi' and taking offense is subjective.
  12. I'm curious if there's actually any evidence for this - that phone mics are in the main omnis. Doesn't make any sense to my first-level thinking as with a phone you definitely want to pick up a person's voice and not the surrounding ambience. But perhaps I'm missing something vital ?
  13. Actually you've not explained, you just keep claiming. Makes me wonder whether the 'echoey' description of recordings made with microphones is in reality down to the fact you're using a cardioid mic which introduces off-axis colouration in the frequency response. Hence the reflections in the room add significant 'distortion'. You can get around this by using PZM (boundary zone) mics which have an omnidirectional response pattern and as such the room reflections won't add 'colour'.
  14. @GoldenOne's thread over on ASR seems at long last to be generating more light than heat. Things are looking up
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