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Synergistic Research Galileo UEF USB Cable

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Synergistic Research Galileo UEF USB Cable

I am the original owner of this Galileo UEF USB cable. The length is 2 meters, giving you the flexibility to move your DAC farther from components that emit RF/EMI. I am selling because I have upgraded to the latest SX model.

The Galileo UEF USB can be described as being detailed, yet smooth. It has great transparency and texture without sounding clinical. Extremely resolving with pinpoint imaging, authoritative bass, outstanding tonality, and fast transients. Simultaneously accurate and musical.

If the above description aligns with your listening preferences, you will love this cable.

Sale includes original box, gold and silver tuning bullets, and grounding cable. The filter has always been enclosed in its protective sleeve and is in like new condition. The cable will arrive in a Galileo SX box, which how Synergistic sent it to me.

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