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TLS Reference One LPS 12v 6A (Upgraded Fuse)

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Alright, tough crowd here on AS for this unit... 😊 


I have two The Linear Solution Reference One LPSs.  I bought both from fellow AS patron auricgoldfinger.  


It is 12v 6A.


The TLS Reference One retailed for $1500.00.


The Reference One has an upgraded fuse.  It is a SR Blue Fuse that cost $150.00.


I had the two units in the best system synergy I have ever created for the digital front end.  I had one unit powering my NUCklehead Audio NUC AL/Roon endpoint and the other powering my SOTM tx-USBUltra.  It was sublime in the detail and dark background....no digital edge even on lesser recordings.


I've started backing off my computer audio system as I am reducing as well as moving back to more vinyl, tubes and horns.  I am just tired of computers and networks for my critical listening.


Here is auricgoldfinger's thread specifically about this exact unit.   To cut to  the chase, he tests with many different current power supplies and rates this one #2 behind the SR7 for sound quality. 



I don't know what Adrian did to this unit but it has quite a few scratches.  I doubt Brian (auricgoldfinger) did all the blemishes.  I am super OCD and once I set it in my rack I have never noticed it once.  The unit runs dead cold and completely silent.


I will take $700.00 shipped no fees in continental US.   It comes with no DC cable and no power cable.  You get what you see in the picture.


I am also open to a trade with a Uptone UltraCap LPS 1.2 and cash or an Uptone JS-2 and I pay a bit.


I am keeping one TLS Reference One for myself.   I might sell it as well if someone is interested. 












Ha....Gone fishing! ✝️

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I wanted to make mention of the fact that plenty of people on this forum know of the issues surrounding Adrian and The Linear Solution as a company.


I have no idea if there is warranty left on this unit or not.  When I bought it I wasn't concerned.


I would basically consider this a very well done DIY LPS.  If I had an issue I would definitely try to consult with Adrian at first.  But I might rather just find a competent audio repair shop and have them repair or make upgrades.  I am confident in the design but not so much with TLS support.  I don't figure it would be to difficult for a competent repair shop to be able to sort out any issues that might arise.


I also used a Sharpy to cover up some of the little nicks and it looks marginally better.  I won't be taking new pictures. 


Ha....Gone fishing! ✝️

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I am dropping the price to 600.00 shipped. 


The Reference One is a great power supply no matter what the back story is.  I just don't have a need for 12v 6A. 


I am needing a 5v and/or 7-9v LPS.  I am open to offers and trades.


Most times I sell a power supply, I end up wishing I had not in the future.  I would stick this away in the closet and wait for a use but as I have chased computer audio as far as I have any interest in, I don't feel a future need.






Ha....Gone fishing! ✝️

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Hi Tpowell240,


Sorry for not closing the ad.  I have sold one of my TLS Reference Ones but I am still using the other to power my NUC server.


Thanks for the interest and Merry Christmas!




Ha....Gone fishing! ✝️

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