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So, basically, I am looking to set up a multi room system. For that I need something that will support playing all my music around the house. There are so many alternatives. Sonos, Raumfeld, Squeezebox, just to mention a few.


It seems to me, though, that all of these wireless options have 2 drawbacks:

1)24/96 is rarely supported

2)You pay extra because it is wireless


In my case, all of the zoneplayers will be located in the same room. From there I will run wires to the speakers. So I really do not care if the system is wireless or not. In fact, I´d much rather have a wired system that will let me play music from any of my sources in any room at all time that supports 24/96 playback. And I want to be able to control it with a wifi device (Iphone/Ipod/some sort of remote). Does anyone know of such a system?




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may be above your price range, just because I know it's more than the sonos, but Linn Sneaky DS are excellent. Wired ethernet port, supports 24/192 in multitude of formats, integrated amp, control points available on iphone, ipad, android, virtually anything going.


Ah, but what do you mean by 'any of your sources'?




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I use the J. River Media Center player software for playback in three rooms. It can play the same or different music files to multiple zones.


I use a ESI Juli@ PCI soundcard for output to my main system in the library, an AudioTrak Prodigy HD2 PCI soundcard for output to my home office system and a Audioengine AW1 USB output device for output to my living room system. Output from the two PCI soundcards goes to those sysems (wired) and the AW1 transmits audio wirelessly to the living room.


The PCI soundcards handle up to 24/192 without downsampling. The AW1 is used for very casual listening so a 16/44 or 48 limitation is not a problem for me. The ASIO drivers for the two PCI soundcards coexist perfectly with each other and with the Windows driver for the AW1 USB device.


There are pro-audio audio interfaces with multiple stereo channel output using PCI, USB and firewire interfaces. That might simplify setup and help if you don't have many free PCI slots. M-Audio, echo and Rme are some brands that might be appropriate. One limitation of some of those devices might be that all output channels might have to run at the sample sample rate and size. If you wanted to play a 16/44.1 file at the source rate in one room and a 24/96 file at source rate in another room, that might be a problem.


I use a 13" laptop for remote control in the library using a VNC connection. In the home office, I mostly use a KVM switch to control the MusicPC from the keyboard I use for my personal PC.


If you prefer a small size remote control, there is a 3rd party iPod app for JRMC and a web interface that works on most web browsers. I'm not sure about a remote control app for Android devices.







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SimpleAudio's HD sound system (simpleaudio.co.uk) might be a good option. It runs on an IP network and/or powerline AV tech and it supports 24/96, though its dealer-only and looks a bit pricey. Apps for iPhone and Mac/Windows.


There is also audio|acacia multi-room music (www.plethra.com) currently in beta. Its wired or wireless and can work in a central wiring config. Not sure if it supports 24/96 but it does have digital out so you can use your own DAC and has apps for wifi devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).


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