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Vortexbox ripper question


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First time poster, although I've been lurking on this wonderful site for quite some time.


My goal is to set up a home computer audio system with a Squeezebox Touch and a couple of Booms, perhaps using Vortexbox as a file server.


Can anyone tell me what ripper is built into Vortexbox? My PC ripper is EAC and I wonder if the automated Vortexbox ripper will be as effective?


Also, can the experts here recommend a cost-effective and time- efficient way to rip a collection of 2000+ CDs to a server?


Thanks in advance.






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Thanks Tog. I'll look up CD Paranoia.


Any suggestions on how to best tackle large numbers of cd to hard drive file transfers?



I believe that much of the ripping is done by CD Paranoia.


I have used Vortexbox 1.6 to build a cheap server and have been very impressed. Otherwise on the Mac I used Max.


Yours, having a ripping time Tog



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