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iTunes 101 help


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OK, thought I was past this point... I use an Iomega external drive for backup. It's quieter than the primary drive, plus I wanted to be sure my backup was actually good. Had a nightmare scenario years ago with my speaker design data. Thought I was backed up and lost ten years of measurements.


Anyway, I changed the location of my library in iTunes. My primary had an iTunes folder, the backup didn't. I just bought the new backup and simply did a copy of the primary to it.


When I tried to play a song it came up and told me it couldn't find the file and asked if I wanted to look for it. I said yes, located the drive, the album, and the track and selected it. It then asked me if I wanted to used the same process to locate all of the files. This was new to me but I assumed it was similar to the Consolidate command. It took a while and then came back and said it had found a number slightly lower than the primary.


It plays OK. The only issue is that in iTunes, it doesn't show the external drive as a device like it always had. Is this a concern? It is obviously reading it.






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"in iTunes, it doesn't show the external drive as a device"


Mine doesn't either. I've never even come across that behavior.


Also, in terms of backups, if it is under 2 gig, DropBox might be ideal. It has saved me a lot of headaches in the year that I have used it.


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